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Chill out

Today Mythankfulboy went to the YMCA with friends after school, where I picked him up.  Home to take and hour to get some food in him, check on homework, get him changed, and then back out the door to baseball practice.  Home from there to eat a second dinner (for him, first for me), laundry for weekend baseball games etc., and time for the chalice lighting rolled around before I could even think about it.  For what was B thankful?

That tonight was a night to chill out.

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A night like my childhood

Last evening, Mythankfulboy and I had the kind of school-day evening I remember having as a child.  He walked to the YMCA with friends after school, and I picked him up there in the late afternoon.  We headed home, where we each settled into a domestic chore, he bringing in the trash and recycling cans and me making dinner.  Before dinner he did homework, and after dinner he headed for the Xbox while I settled down at my desk to work (that would be a departure from my childhood, since my mom didn’t work).  Around 9:00 we entered into negotiations about his needing 10-20 more minutes on the Xbox to complete a challenge (I think is how he put it).  A kiss on my cheek bought him the extra time (departure number 2 from my childhood, when bedtime was bedtime and there were no technology distracters).  Then his bedtime routine, culminating in some time spent reading in bed, which led to more negotiations to give him enough time to finish his book (I wish I could remember what it was called!)  Being a reader myself, you don’t have to convince me to let you finish a book you love, and so his bedtime drug on and on.  I passed the time doing laundry, packing for my sleep study (overnight tonight), and working.   Finally, he was ready for the chalice lighting, another departure from my childhood.

As a side note – earlier in the evening I had made a soup I thought my picky eater (also known as mythankfulboy) might like.  When he commented that it smelled good, I suggested he try it.  He asked if I would pay him a dollar to try it.  I told him I would continue to buy Bagelbites in the future if he tried it.  He said, “Wait – what?  You’re not going to buy Bagelbites unless I try it?  Why did I start this?!”  He tried the soup with a turned up nose, and said yeah, no thanks.  Heh heh.  I’m sure there will come a time when he works harder to outsmart me, but that time has not yet arrived…

Anyhoo – when finally we lit the chalice it was after 10:00.  We were punchy, in a sweet way.  He said that he was thankful for his book tonight, and for “all my friends”.  Wow.  That’s a good place to be as a middle schooler, huh?  I said I was thankful he loved to read, and that he was a good friend, which earned him good friends.  I also happen to be particularly blessed that his good friends have given me good friends in their parents.  So much abundance for which to give thanks.

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And you’re beautiful

I had a brief reprieve from working every evening and every weekend day, but I’ve had to return to it.  It’s tiring, and I always notice the toll it takes first when I don’t find myself able to post about our evening thankfulness ritual.  That’s a shame, surely, but we do always do the chalice-lighting itself, which is the most important part.

In the last several days, we’ve been thankful for everything from shovelable snow (versus snow to your waist) to good neighbors, from school delays to a three-night History Channel documentary on Samuel Adams and his rabble rousers, from Crossfit to the new YMCA in town.  Mythankfulboy has made me proud enumerable times, but, in particular, for stopping gaming with a happy heart to go out and help a neighbor shovel her drive before the sun set, and for helping a different neighbor with letting the dog out when she had to work late.  He also melted my heart when, as we turned a corner towards home in the car at dusk one evening, he said, “Momma, the sun on your face makes you glow, and you’re beautiful.”

I rewarded his shoveling by knocking $5 off of a sum he owed me.  I do this intermittently, because I want him to be rewarded, but I don’t want him to expect a reward every time he does something good.  I made sure he knew it was not only for doing the work, but for doing it with pleasure (what we call a “happy heart”).  Plus, I happen to know, as a developmentalist who works with kids with learning differences, that intermittent reinforcement is the most powerful (as my friends say, he never really had a chance to be bad…).   When he said I was beautiful, I gave an involuntary “you’re the sweetest thang” face, and then I screwed it up in a goofy face and said, “How about now?” as a car passed by, the driver staring at me.  B waited until the car had passed, chuckled, and said, “I just looked at the guy like, I don’t know, man.”

Beauty abounds in our hearts and our actions.  Most of our actions, anyway.  May it be so.

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It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

This evening, B offered up “the pumpkin party” and “the YMCA” as things for which he was thankful.  Our 13th annual pumpkin party is coming up in October, which I can only calculate readily because I was pregnant with mythankfulboy when we hosted the first one.  Tonight I was thankful for all the things that we accomplish around the house, especially the outside, for the pumpkin party each year, because, without that as a deadline, I know I wouldn’t be running home between an afternoon dentist appointment and an appointment with a tech specialist in the early evening in order to cut some wood down for various projects having to do with sheds.  Anyhoo, B’s gratitude for his free membership to the YMCA got us stuck singing the dang song, to which we know very few words, but which we sang loudly anyway.  And now that B is asleep, I continue to sing it in my head, thank you very much.  I

t’s hard to be thankful for an earworm.

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