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School’s out

School’s out, and Mythankfulboy has returned to his usual affable self.  Baseball has had its ups and downs, but he played several full games at second, and played well.  We had the annual beginning-of-summer talk in which I tell him that I did everything for him when he was little because he couldn’t do things himself, and during the school year and baseball season I do the lions’ share because of school and homework and sports, but that, during the summer, it’s time for him to kick in for me because my more-than-full-time job doesn’t go away and neither do baseball or the house.  We’re a few days in, and so-far-so-good.  When I get home from work he proudly gives me a list of the productive things he did, and I can count on him to do things I text him about during the day.   Blessed be.

He’s changing physically these days; he’s getting taller and taller and I find myself frequently stopping to be amazed at his wingspan.  He’s dedicated to fitness, and most days works out with weights and has baseball practice, and some days he adds a jog and time in his backyard batting cage.  He and his dad had plans for a daily 5:30am gym time, but so far they’ve only made one of three.  I think he looks more and more like his dad as he grows – something in the nose and the way his mouth curls when he starts to laugh.  While the range of what he eats hasn’t expanded much, he’s added protein shakes and fruit smoothies.  His hair is longer than it’s ever been (“It’s the style in sports, Mom”), and is curling around his ears and along his neck.  I told him I would be fine with it if he would stay on top of the beard and mustache whiskers.  Of course, it may mean the first year he won’t want to stop for a haircut in Portland on the way to Ferry Beach.  Sigh.  There will be no missing Ferry Beach, though, even though it could mean missing the end-of-the-season championship tournament.

The last several chalice lightings have included well-played baseball and good baseball weather.  We’ve also been thankful for school’s being out, and for Sonic ice cream.  It’s summer folks – life is good.

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