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Schoolwork, by comparison

“I hear seventh grade is the hardest”, B says at dinner.

“Really?” I ask. “It hasn’t seemed like you thought it was hard so far.  In what ways is it supposed to be hard?”

“Homework, tests, assignments – kinda everything.”

“Hmm”, I say.  “Do you agree?”

“Oh yeah!  It just got hard.  In fact..” (pregnant pause) “…I got a so-so score on a math test.”

From there, I discovered that it was actually a bit lower than so-so, and that he is re-taking it tomorrow.  He did a lot of studying tonight, and when it was time for the chalice, he said he was too tired to think of something for which to be thankful, to which I said it doesn’t work that way.  So, he said he was thankful for sleep (see how he did that?) and I said I was thankful for his help painting earlier in the day, before the discovery of the additional studying that needed to be done.  He said “Wha?  Oh yeah. Sure!”

I guess it was better than schoolwork!

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Common things

B:  Laptop, cousin 5 states away, fan beside the bed, Momma.

M: Neighbor who loves our dog and is helping me figure out how to keep him healthy.  And sleep.

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Grandaddy, 77 years old, drove 16 hours straight to get to our house, slept half an hour, then worked all day dragging wet, molding crap out of our basement, post Hurricane Sandy. If there were a word that combined “awe” with gratitude, I would use it. Needless to say, at the chalice lighting last night, B was thankful for Grandaddy “and all the progress he made”.

Grandaddy missed the chalice lighting. Bless his heart, he was already in bed.

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Satisfied sleep

Bottom bunk: What are you thankful for tonight, Darlin?

Top bunk: (Long, satisfied sigh) Ferry Beach. All of it. Big J. Drums.

Bottom bunk: I’m thankful for fans. And the chance to be with my precious Ferry Beach friends. And you.

Top bunk: (silence)

Asleep already.

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Pillows, sleep, mancala, and time

B was tired as he crawled into bed tonight, and his answers to my question “What are you thankful for tonight?” were mostly observational: “Pillows, sleep”, pause, pause “and time”. This I heard to the rhythm of “parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme” (from the Simon and Garfunkel song Scarborough Fair, if you couldn’t place it or are too young to know what I’m talking about). We spent some time batting about words to fill in for “rosemary” – my criteria being that it had to be singable, and his being that he had to actually be thankful for it. The following were considered and rejected for one or the other reason:

the fan

cuddling (his suggestion – sweet, but not singable)

my momma (my suggestion – fit the criterion but embarrassing and needy)


fluffy blankets

our chalice

In the end, we agreed on “mancala” (the games). He pitched the idea, saying it sounded good (I have to admit I was lured in by the three syllables), and he liked the games so he was thankful for them. So, we sang a chalice-lighting lullaby of “pillows, sleep, mancala, and time”. That’s going to be a hard one to explain when he sings it to his grandchildren…

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A list

Last night’s list: everyone in my family, the dog (is he part of the family? I guess…), doors, fans, beds, saxaphones (his new instrument), pianos, pillows, sleep.

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