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Pi day 2015

B has a friend over this evening, and I could walk you through the whole evening, but let me try to recall how mythankfulboy recapped it earlier in the evening.  It was something like, “Oh my gosh – we are sitting in a car with my mom outside a grocery store, eating pie and making fart sounds through straws stuck in our kneepits, after playing dodgeball.”  Yes, I’m pretty sure any one of those things alone could potentially make one a misfit, but the whole lot together?  Priceless.  We laughed ourselves silly.  I will probably be sore tomorrow from the laughter.  A soreness for which I will be thankful.

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Keep playing hymns

Last night, when dinner was over, the dishes were done, and homework was complete and in B’s backpack, B sat down by the fire with the dog’s head resting in his lap to read. I took the opportunity to play the piano, and played hymns from the gray UU hymnal. Such a tranquil scene.

When it was bedtime and time for the chalice lighting, B brushed his teeth, and, instead of settling into a peaceful place from which to ponder gratitude, became silly and punchy and generally difficult to corral.

I said “Just a minute ago you were sitting quietly reading, and I was playing lovely calm hymns – what happened?!”

To which he answered, without skipping a beat, “You quit playing hymns!”

Mental note: keep playing hymns…

Tonight B was thankful for bowling, which we did after school earlier today. I was thankful for Kid President: “If life is a game, aren’t we all on the same team? I mean really, right? I’m on your team – be on my team!”. May it be so.

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B and the bee

SILLY night! B and I resurrected a tickling game we played when he was little. Very simply, my extended index finger is a buzzing bee that lands and “stings” whenever it can. So silly, and so fun. He kept saying “I’m being so immature!”, and laughing his head off all the while. It’s good to have a safe place to be silly.

When we settled down and lit the chalice, B, like the evening before, said “stuff”. I told him that was a stinky offering. He thought a few seconds and said he was thankful for the bee game, but not to tell anybody (Future B reading this, please forgive me…)

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Whew — such energy, and not mine!  B went to bed and read for thirty minutes before I joined him, at which point he read to me for another fifteen minutes.  One would think that that amount of time reading would calm a body down, but he was riled up and utterly unable to participate in our thankfulness ritual.  Finally I told him with a grin that he might just be too silly to be thankful, and he told me he was thankful for silliness.  Oh dear.  I kissed him goodnight, tucked him in, and wished him off to sleep.

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