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Full circle

Mythankfulboy has new braces.  He’s had them for a few days, and we are already one bracket down, but it isn’t causing him pain, and he seems to be weathering it nicely.  He went to a friend’s house this weekend to hang out and, as it turns out, to learn how to shave his moustache.  I smile as I type “moustache”, half because it’s a funny word to apply to my boy, and half out of nerves.

We worked hard today on moving a small shed, which required levelling an area and sinking some footers.  I feel awesome about it, despite what must be some arthritis in my hands.  Tonight, at the chalice lighting, I asked if he knew if it was a “momma weekend” (meaning he doesn’t go to his dad’s at all), and he said, smiling, “I don’t know, but it would hard for me to say I was glad if it was a momma’s weekend because you’re making me work so hard.”  To which I answered, “It IS so hard to work a few hours outside every day for a few weeks a year.”  (A few weeks because we do not do hot well, so we wait until it’s in the 50’s and 60’s, which means a few weeks a year).  “I think it cut your gaming down to only a few hours.”  This, as I expected, set off a playful argument about exactly how long he had gamed, and we finally agreeing on 1 hour and 38 minutes.  Hard times, little man, hard times.

At the chalice lighting, I sat on the end of his bed, and a few minutes in I laid on my side, and then he pushed me playfully with his feet (which were under the covers), so I allowed myself to fall over, at which point he said, loudly, “Don’t get too comfortable!!!!”   I ignored him, pulling up a stray pillow on which to lay my head, and asked him for what he was thankful.  He said, “My pillow.  I have the best pillow.  I flip it over during the night to get the cool side against my face.  Maybe I should start keeping it in the fridge so it would stay cool longer.”  I nodded in solidarity.  He asked for what I was thankful, and I answered that we got the shed in place.  Full circle.  He said, “Yeah. It is pretty cool.”

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Pillows, sleep, mancala, and time

B was tired as he crawled into bed tonight, and his answers to my question “What are you thankful for tonight?” were mostly observational: “Pillows, sleep”, pause, pause “and time”. This I heard to the rhythm of “parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme” (from the Simon and Garfunkel song Scarborough Fair, if you couldn’t place it or are too young to know what I’m talking about). We spent some time batting about words to fill in for “rosemary” – my criteria being that it had to be singable, and his being that he had to actually be thankful for it. The following were considered and rejected for one or the other reason:

the fan

cuddling (his suggestion – sweet, but not singable)

my momma (my suggestion – fit the criterion but embarrassing and needy)


fluffy blankets

our chalice

In the end, we agreed on “mancala” (the games). He pitched the idea, saying it sounded good (I have to admit I was lured in by the three syllables), and he liked the games so he was thankful for them. So, we sang a chalice-lighting lullaby of “pillows, sleep, mancala, and time”. That’s going to be a hard one to explain when he sings it to his grandchildren…

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Lead, as for pencils

Last night was one of those stellar mom nights when I had clean clothes laying on B’s bed and he couldn’t sleep in it unless I got up from what I was doing and moved them.  Before I could do this, which, in fairness, I was showing no real signs of doing, he asked if he could sleep on the couch.  Since this was easier in the longrun for me, and a treat for him, I let him.  I then slept in the adjoining chair, where I could keep an eye on him (or not get up at all, depending on how you look at it).  Before he burrowed down happily into the couch he retrieved a favorite pillow and a big stuffed dog from his bed, tossing the dog to me.  I must have looked surprised, because he said “You want it don’t you?”  I told him yes (I love to use this animal as a pillow), and he said, clearly pleased with himself, “I thought you’d want him”.  My sweet boy.  “What are you thankful for tonight?”, I asked.  “Lead”, he answered.  “Lead for pencils?” I asked.  “Yeah, because we need it to write everything down!”.  I found this very funny, because he types so much these days, you would have thought he never thought about lead.  I was thankful for autumn, which has arrived with no ambiguity.

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A list

Last night’s list: everyone in my family, the dog (is he part of the family? I guess…), doors, fans, beds, saxaphones (his new instrument), pianos, pillows, sleep.

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A pillow for his head

Earlier today B turned to me and announced that he was having “a great weekend!”, which meant that very little had interrupted him from doing pretty much what he wanted, there had been some nice surprises along the way, and there were still things to which to look forward.  By nightfall, at our chalice lighting, he had narrowed it down to being thankful for pillows.  He had spent the last hour before bed arranging and re-arranging the cushions on the couch to try them out in different positions, and then had tried to lie down with our Bassett Hound, Beethoven, on his dog bed.  He had thought he might sleep there, but it quickly grew uncomfortable, so I think the princely pile of pillows upon his bed must have been calling his name.  Tonight I’m thankful for the first day this “spring” at the skate park (where B rides a BMX bike on the ramps).  Although I froze my rear end off by dusk, there are some things a momma does to see the joy it brings to a little boy with cabin fever.

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