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Finding Dory in the Starbucks drive-thru

We are in the throes (and “the throws”…) of baseball  – Mythankfulboy’s team is in the playoffs, vying for first place.  His team was first in their division, so they got a by on the first game and played in the second game.  They played a team whose coach was thrown out of the last game we played against them for yelling “balk” at our pitcher when the ump didn’t agree (among other loud-mouth antics).  This time the coach  made it through the game, but one of his players was ejected for throwing a bat in anger.   It was a real nail-biter, but they pulled it off, and B was so happy to have beaten them because, in his words, they were mean.   He kept telling me that there was one nice player who seemed embarrassed to be on such an ugly team.  I think he felt sorry for him.

So, every day that hasn’t been a game has been a practice for as long as I can remember.  The next playoff game (not theirs) was rained out which postponed ours.  A lot of these games are weekday evenings, which makes getting him there by 4:30, anywhere from an hour to two hours away from my office, quite challenging, especially when his dad is out of town, as he has been all week.  Still, the experience is glorious.

In the middle of all of this craziness B and I took an afternoon off and went to see Finding Dory.  It was delightful on many levels.  If you don’t remember by the time you read this, B, Dory is a fish with short-term memory loss.  You need to remember this to appreciate what happened next.  We left the theater and went to Target, then went through the Starbucks drive-thru in which I ordered a drink for me and I ordered a treat for you (a smores bar).  There was a wait in line, so I started texting and emailing clients about moving their speech therapy sessions off of the day of the next playoff game.  I was deeply engrossed in this when we got to the window to pay, and B was sitting quietly beside me with headphones on.  The nice lady in the window leaned out to hand me a small bag (with the smores bar) but I didn’t reach for it because, while I knew I had ordered a drink, I was pretty sure I hadn’t ordered anything that came in the bag.  As my mind raced I didn’t say anything but looked puzzled and she tilted her head at me, looked at B, then looked back at me (also without speaking).  I followed her gaze to B and then remembered that he was in the car and that I had ordered the treat for him and that, yes, this was my order.  Good grief.  As we pulled away, B held up his bar and turned to me and said, “Dory” before taking a bite.

A minute later he turned to me and said, “You know mom, sometimes living with you is a little like living with Dory.”  I laughed and said, “I imagine it is.  If I’m Dory, what does that make you?”  He thought about it and answered, “Nemo, because I’m always your biggest fan.”

That night, at the chalice lighting, he was thankful for Finding Dory.  I was thankful for my biggest fan.


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Water in and water out

Tonight’s chalice lighting was relatively uneventful. B was thankful for water “because it keeps us alive”. I was thankful for a Monday night movie with a friend, tears and all.

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Love charades

B and I watched a movie on the couch last night before bed, with B draped across the couch and ottoman on his belly using my propped-up shins as a pillow. Unconvinced I would make it off the couch to light the chalice, I asked B for what he was thankful while the credits rolled. He lifted his head and kissed my shin. I said “Thanks for the kiss. Now what are you thankful for tonight?” He lifted his head more deliberately and kissed my shin then said “es”. I pondered a moment and asked “Kisses?” He nodded, and I said “Oh – that’s a nice one”. I told him I was thankful for a movie on a weeknight. Life is good.

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Bedtime stories

Tonight I told B that I had finished the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  He had seen the previews for the movie, and I had told him a little about the beginning of the story, so he asked me if the boy in the story had found the lock that fit his key.  I told him the story of the search as though it were a bedtime story, and then the story of the boy’s grandfather as a second, bonus, bedtime story.  He was so quiet and still that I thought he might have fallen asleep.  Instead, when I was done, he said “That’s what I’m thankful for tonight.”  “For what?” I asked.  He sad “For your book.”  “But you didn’t read it!”  “No,” he said.  “But it’s still a really good book.”  Hard to argue with that.

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