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Momma’s Day and the kitchen sink

It’s been too long since I’ve put pen to paper (fingers to keys) about our evening thankfulness ritual.  Mythankfulboy’s first high school baseball season ended (not well, but better than expected given most of the juniors and seniors were thrown off the team for bad behavior), summer baseball began, bowling with friends happened, we replaced our kitchen sink ourselves (and by “ourselves” I mean B and me with routing by our sweet friend across the street, bolt-tightening by B’s dad, and advice from my dad), we rescued a baby fox that got its head caught in our batting cage netting, B had a spring cold, and Mother’s Day came and went.  For Mother’s Day, B tried to get some friends on board (at my suggestion) to do something for all the moms, but that didn’t work out, so he stole time with his dad to buy me a gift card to a restaurant I frequent with money sent to him by my mom for that purpose, to buy me a card (such sweet words) on which he wrote “Momma” in giant letters, and he announced a plan to take me out to dinner on his own dime.  The kitchen sink, though, required more attention than we had hoped, so we postponed that dinner.  My favorite thing he did, though, was replacing my morning alarm with the song Mama by LunchMoney Lewis.  There’s a lyric that says, “I could run in a race and come dead last – she say that’s my baby and stand up and clap”.  When we listened to the song together, he said, “That’s so you!”   There’s also a running background lyric in part of the song that says “Everyday is mother’s day”, and that’s how I feel waking up to that song every morning.

Along the way, among other things, we’ve been thankful for:  light homework nights, a new baseball glove, the kitchen sink, the folks that helped with the sink, the baby fox’s being okay, LunchMoney Lewis, ant traps, my pitching to B in the baseball cage, his feeling a bit better, and rain on Mother’s Day weekend (which meant no baseball – yeah, that one was mine – sorry B).

Life is good, and we are so grateful.

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Lopsided heart

Dear Mythankfulboy,

Today is Mother’s Day, and I am so grateful to be your mom.  You are fourteen, and at a tender age, and I am hanging on every moment before you find you’re too big to lay your head on my shoulder in public.  Today you spent the day with me in the city, browsing in markets where we bought chocolate for you and fresh okra for me, debating about museums (none of which we actually entered), and riding a sightseeing double-decker bus in the sunshine and cool spring air (thanks for securing the very front seats -what a view!)  You used twenty dollars that my momma, Peepeye, sent you to buy me a funky case for my ever-more-needed glasses, and a notepad for the fridge so we can keep track of what we need at the store.  You actually got quite miffed with your father because he wouldn’t take you to get these for me last weekend, but he pulled through mid-week and the two of you made a special trip.  The card you gave me said, “Nothing is better than laughing and sharing with you” on the front, and “Whether we’re face to face, on the phone, or even just on each other’s minds, it’s nice to know we’re always there for each other with smiles and love to share.  Happy Mother’s Day.”  You wrote inside, “Thank you for never leaving my side.  Love, Baxter” and drew a lopsided heart.  When I read it and hugged you, you asked, “Did you see the heart I drew?  It’s bigger on one side than on the other”, and  when I stood back from the hug and looked at you, you shrugged with one shoulder as though to say, “You love me anyway, right?”  This, of course, made me cry.

You and your beautiful, lopsided, momma’s boy heart.  I love you.

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A happy child

Baseball season is in high gear – B is playing on two teams, which is the result of two seasons, spring and summer, overlapping.  Very different teams and coaching, to boot.  He seems okay with the running around and the transitions.  The hardest part is making sure the correct pants and practice or game jersey is clean.  There are worse things.

We’ve had a wonderful visit from Grandaddy and Nini, and they are planning a return next month, to which we’re looking forward.  There were too many “thankful for Grandaddy and Nini” nights to count – before they got here, while they were here, and after they left.  I do remember one night, though, when B said “I’m thankful for all the things Grandaddy is building, and for Nini for being awesome.”  He saw the look on my face and quickly added, “Not that Grandaddy isn’t awesome.  He’s awesome, too!”

We also had a fantastic “crew” weekend of just the boys and moms, or at least some of them, at the beach, thanks to one set of grandparents who own a beautiful beach house.  Best Mother’s Day ever.  Precious people, precious time.  10 boys getting along beautifully.  Even 2 Mother’s Day serenades (sweet, yes; also quirky, but that’s our boys).  B and I were thankful for the trip and the people for days on end, and I found myself just yesterday telling B, a little tearfully, that I was thankful that he gave me new friends I didn’t know I needed.

Tonight we studied for a math test, and, for once, it wasn’t all that hard to decipher what was being taught (thank heavens for the internet and smart people who like to talk about math). B picked it up easily once we did a little of it together.  This left time to cut up, resulting in tickling, pinching, and wrestling, and he sorta fell off a chair at one point (I barely tapped him!)  When we lit the chalice tonight, he said he was thankful for me for explaining math to him.  I said I was thankful for how much we laugh, which can even make math fun.  He was clearly not ready to settle down, and he started doing a sound-switch technique he borrowed from his friend O, which involves swapping the first sound in two words or two syllables, so that “math test” becomes “tath mest”.  Once he started, I couldn’t shut him off, so I eventually kissed him loudly on the forehead and shouted goodnight over his verbal antics and laughter, and he continued until I couldn’t hear him anymore.

It is a blessing to have a happy child.

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Schmooze on

On this Mother’s Day eve, our routine happened to be out-of-sorts, and the chalice was never actually kindled. I did, though, ask B for what he was thankful. He responded “Mother’s Day” very matter-of-factly. So readily, in fact, that I thought he was dismissing my question, and followed up with “Why?”

He looked at me affectionately, and like I was the dumbest mother he knew, and said “Because it’s the one time a year we celebrate all the things mothers do for their sons.” Oh OK. Either he meant it or he’s getting good with the schmoozy come-backs. I told him I was thankful that I have him, every day.

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Teachable moment

I spent some time last evening teaching the art of being a good gift-giver. This came as a response to B’s asking me if I might like a facial hair remover that he had seen on TV for Mother’s Day. Sigh. This was a teachable moment if ever there was one. We wandered around the house wondering what kinds of things I like. His face lit up when he realized that he knew things I liked. We had fun doing it; it will be interesting to see how it translates on Mother’s Day! At the chalice lighting B was thankful for “grandmothers and mothers”.

I was thankful for cool, sunny, spring days.

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