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First date

This weekend Mythankfulboy had his first date – the kind where the date’s mom drives them to a movie and home immediately after.  It was last-minute, and he was at his dad’s so I didn’t get to meet them, but B was quite tickled with the whole thing.  The last thing I texted him before he left was, “Have fun and impress her mother”, and he responded, “Yes ma’am.”  About an hour after he got back to his dad’s he texted me again asking if I’d come pick him up and take him to meet some of our friends for a slice of pizza, which turned, then, into ice cream as well.  He was pinging off the walls, partly because we were being spontaneous and he was seeing friends he’s missed, but he was clearly already on a high.  Adorable.

Baseball, on the other hand, seems to be deteriorating.  It is raining now, and he sent me a text at work that the game was canceled and he was glad.  Ugh.  Of course, it means it was rescheduled on the only night this week he didn’t have a game…

It was late when we got home last night after swimming for a bit at a friend’s house.  We did the chalice from opposite side of the bathroom door.  I called, “What are you thankful for kiddo?” and he yelled, “Swimming and a good night.  What about you?”  I yelled back, “I’m thankful for time with friends”.  He said, “Yeah”.

What I’m most thankful for, though, is that my boy called his momma to spend a little time with her after his first date (I’m sure the pizza was a guise).  It made the whole thing a little easier on his momma’s heart.

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Momma’s Day and the kitchen sink

It’s been too long since I’ve put pen to paper (fingers to keys) about our evening thankfulness ritual.  Mythankfulboy’s first high school baseball season ended (not well, but better than expected given most of the juniors and seniors were thrown off the team for bad behavior), summer baseball began, bowling with friends happened, we replaced our kitchen sink ourselves (and by “ourselves” I mean B and me with routing by our sweet friend across the street, bolt-tightening by B’s dad, and advice from my dad), we rescued a baby fox that got its head caught in our batting cage netting, B had a spring cold, and Mother’s Day came and went.  For Mother’s Day, B tried to get some friends on board (at my suggestion) to do something for all the moms, but that didn’t work out, so he stole time with his dad to buy me a gift card to a restaurant I frequent with money sent to him by my mom for that purpose, to buy me a card (such sweet words) on which he wrote “Momma” in giant letters, and he announced a plan to take me out to dinner on his own dime.  The kitchen sink, though, required more attention than we had hoped, so we postponed that dinner.  My favorite thing he did, though, was replacing my morning alarm with the song Mama by LunchMoney Lewis.  There’s a lyric that says, “I could run in a race and come dead last – she say that’s my baby and stand up and clap”.  When we listened to the song together, he said, “That’s so you!”   There’s also a running background lyric in part of the song that says “Everyday is mother’s day”, and that’s how I feel waking up to that song every morning.

Along the way, among other things, we’ve been thankful for:  light homework nights, a new baseball glove, the kitchen sink, the folks that helped with the sink, the baby fox’s being okay, LunchMoney Lewis, ant traps, my pitching to B in the baseball cage, his feeling a bit better, and rain on Mother’s Day weekend (which meant no baseball – yeah, that one was mine – sorry B).

Life is good, and we are so grateful.

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High school tomorrow

How did it get to be the night before Mythankfulboy goes to high school?

I’ve had some really nice time with B in the last two weeks as he has needed support to get his summer reading annotation done, and carting around for school clothes and supplies. When annotating, he usually provides too much or too little information, and so I’ve been teaching.  Luckily, he doesn’t mind being taught.  We’ve annotated at his desk, at the dining room table, on the couch, at Subway, at Red Robin, and at Panera.  And, of course, when things get down to the wire and you work longer than you should you get punchy, and that’s always fun.  Laughing with this kid is my favorite.

Tonight he picked out something to wear, packed his backpack, and set his alarms (can’t be too careful!)   He asked for help making sure his clothes matched, but weren’t too matchy.  I kept giving him orders (“Put your dishes away”, “Turn that light off”, “Make sure the dog has water”) and he kept answering, “But Mo-om, I have to get to bed for my first day of school!”

Once there, I asked him for what he was thankful, and he said, “Your help with annotating.”  He asked me, and I said, “The time with you doing the work.”  He smiled sweetly, then asked me to measure him on the wall.  He’d grown and inch-and-a-half since March, and took great pleasure in asking me to stand there so he could mark my height about an inch below his.  He marked it “Momma”.

Oh, and fall baseball practice started today.  Here we go, off into the unknown.  Looks like fun to me!

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It’s a momma weekend – a weekend I get Mythankfulboy all to myself.  It’s quite the luxury.  Friday night it was back to dodgeball (after the completion of Crossfit for baseball, he can get back to his other sporting love), Saturday we braved a snowstorm to do batting cages and Waffle House, and today we shoveled and shoveled and now are each doing our own version of screen time.  B today came up with the idea that there should be a shoveling index in the same way there’s a cold/heat index – that for each inch of snow, it either feels like an inch, or, if it’s wet and heavy, it feels like 2 inches, or, if it’s icy slush the snow plows churned into your driveway, each inch feels like 4 inches.  He’s probably not the first to float this idea, but I found it to be quite clever, because it’s so true…

On weekend nights, there is not a set bedtime, which means the chalice lighting can happen at any time.  Last night, I was sitting in front of the fire when B ran past to get a snack during a break in his game.  As he ran into the kitchen he asked, “So what are you thankful for?”  I said, “Really?”  He said, “Yeah!”  So I thought quickly and said, “Driving around in the snow with you!”  As he ran back by with a granola bar and some fruit snacks, he yelled, “Batting cages and mommas who will take you in the snow!” (imagine his voice falling away as though he was falling off a cliff).

I think we should call this the drive-by chalice lighting.

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Momma vs. screens

Friday night at his dad’s house.  Saturday night at his friend’s house.  Then, this evening, I practically had to drag him off of his gaming system to have any discourse at all.  I can put up with the socializing, but I will not be completely drowned out by technology.  I asked him to come to a stopping point in his game and to turn it off and find something else to do.  What did he find?  My phone.  I don’t think so, buddy.  He said, “I just wanted to look up whether screens actually kill brain cells.”  I told him that, no, i didn’t think he was killing brain cells by gaming all the time, but I knew he wasn’t developing new skills in other parts of his brain, and that that was equally concerning to me.  I gave the usual alternatives to screens – the ones that were the only real choices beyond TV when I was a kid – and he balked at each as they crossed my lips.  So I told him we could study for the spelling bee, or I could find some housework for him to do.  Spelling bee it was.

When we wrapped up studying for the evening, I wrote some words that were particularly hard for him to remember on sticky notes and hung them around the house (e.g., pyrite, jettison, impugn).  Then I returned for the chalice lighting.

There is another storm predicted for this evening that is a little bit of snow (coming down currently) and a fair amount of ice, if it proceeds as predicted.  Mythankfulboy was thankful for his dog, his momma, and the chance for a two-hour school delay.  Now that he has a middle school workload, he doesn’t really wish for whole days off – it’s just work he’ll have to make up, and he doesn’t want a lengthened school year, either.

I was thankful for time with him, without screens.  He admitted, “Me too.”

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Sometimes you don’t have to say the words

Mythankfulboy and I went to the Renaissance Faire today – a beautiful fall day for it. We had not been in the gates 5 minutes when B was stopped by the shire’s huntswoman who wanted to shoot an apple off of his head with a love arrow to prove her talent to a staged naysayer (she accidentally shot the naysayer, who had to be led away to save her from falling in love with everyone in the gathered crowd). B did all the medieval games, from hatchet throwing to fencing, We watched fabulously talented artists do amazing shows, and one even gave him some quick juggling tips. B was mesmerized by his awe of the performer mixed with the warm, personal encouragement he got. We ate a smoked turkey leg (momma), chicken nuggets (SO un-medieval, B), fudge (B), and pumpkin bread pudding (momma), and we bought 5 of my favorite bumper stickers to give to people who compliment me on the one in my car. Then, of course, we bought the annual knife for B. Actually, to this point he has only gotten letter openers that looked liked knives, so this is the first year for an actual knife. It comes with many rules which, if broken, will result in its being taken away. We’ll see how it goes.

At the end of the day he cashed in the neon bracelets he had earned in the games for some bouncy balls and a heart ring. He unceremoniously handed the ring to me as we passed through the gates towards our car. I acted exceedingly touched, and then asked if there wasn’t anyone else he wanted to give it to. He said “No one that’s as good as you.”


You know, sometimes you don’t have to say the words “thank you”.

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Common things

B:  Laptop, cousin 5 states away, fan beside the bed, Momma.

M: Neighbor who loves our dog and is helping me figure out how to keep him healthy.  And sleep.

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