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High school tomorrow

How did it get to be the night before Mythankfulboy goes to high school?

I’ve had some really nice time with B in the last two weeks as he has needed support to get his summer reading annotation done, and carting around for school clothes and supplies. When annotating, he usually provides too much or too little information, and so I’ve been teaching.  Luckily, he doesn’t mind being taught.  We’ve annotated at his desk, at the dining room table, on the couch, at Subway, at Red Robin, and at Panera.  And, of course, when things get down to the wire and you work longer than you should you get punchy, and that’s always fun.  Laughing with this kid is my favorite.

Tonight he picked out something to wear, packed his backpack, and set his alarms (can’t be too careful!)   He asked for help making sure his clothes matched, but weren’t too matchy.  I kept giving him orders (“Put your dishes away”, “Turn that light off”, “Make sure the dog has water”) and he kept answering, “But Mo-om, I have to get to bed for my first day of school!”

Once there, I asked him for what he was thankful, and he said, “Your help with annotating.”  He asked me, and I said, “The time with you doing the work.”  He smiled sweetly, then asked me to measure him on the wall.  He’d grown and inch-and-a-half since March, and took great pleasure in asking me to stand there so he could mark my height about an inch below his.  He marked it “Momma”.

Oh, and fall baseball practice started today.  Here we go, off into the unknown.  Looks like fun to me!

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A happy child

Baseball season is in high gear – B is playing on two teams, which is the result of two seasons, spring and summer, overlapping.  Very different teams and coaching, to boot.  He seems okay with the running around and the transitions.  The hardest part is making sure the correct pants and practice or game jersey is clean.  There are worse things.

We’ve had a wonderful visit from Grandaddy and Nini, and they are planning a return next month, to which we’re looking forward.  There were too many “thankful for Grandaddy and Nini” nights to count – before they got here, while they were here, and after they left.  I do remember one night, though, when B said “I’m thankful for all the things Grandaddy is building, and for Nini for being awesome.”  He saw the look on my face and quickly added, “Not that Grandaddy isn’t awesome.  He’s awesome, too!”

We also had a fantastic “crew” weekend of just the boys and moms, or at least some of them, at the beach, thanks to one set of grandparents who own a beautiful beach house.  Best Mother’s Day ever.  Precious people, precious time.  10 boys getting along beautifully.  Even 2 Mother’s Day serenades (sweet, yes; also quirky, but that’s our boys).  B and I were thankful for the trip and the people for days on end, and I found myself just yesterday telling B, a little tearfully, that I was thankful that he gave me new friends I didn’t know I needed.

Tonight we studied for a math test, and, for once, it wasn’t all that hard to decipher what was being taught (thank heavens for the internet and smart people who like to talk about math). B picked it up easily once we did a little of it together.  This left time to cut up, resulting in tickling, pinching, and wrestling, and he sorta fell off a chair at one point (I barely tapped him!)  When we lit the chalice tonight, he said he was thankful for me for explaining math to him.  I said I was thankful for how much we laugh, which can even make math fun.  He was clearly not ready to settle down, and he started doing a sound-switch technique he borrowed from his friend O, which involves swapping the first sound in two words or two syllables, so that “math test” becomes “tath mest”.  Once he started, I couldn’t shut him off, so I eventually kissed him loudly on the forehead and shouted goodnight over his verbal antics and laughter, and he continued until I couldn’t hear him anymore.

It is a blessing to have a happy child.

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Christmas giggles

A lovely weekend.  Christmas is in the air.  We even did a little crafting while watching A Christmas Story this evening.

When mythankfulboy and I settled down to the chalice, we first had to get out of the way a discussion of how he wanted to change his room around because he bought himself a new monitor for gaming and hopes to have a totally new setup.  I get that.  Plus, I’m a re-arranger by nature, so I can get excited about such a project.  There is, however, a lot to be done right now, it being two weeks before Christmas, so I don’t know exactly when that’s going to happen.  During this discussion, he lamented that he’d like one year to stay home together for Christmas.  I told him that wasn’t really a possibility because my parents are aging, and I don’t want to miss time with them.  He looked up at the gray in my hairline and said, “Your gray is growing out.”  I said, “Thanks for pointing that out, dear.  Maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow.”  He said, “You know you have to live until I’m 70, right?” and then began trying to do the math for how old I’d be when he was 70 (it was so off I still don’t know).  Finally he gave up and sighed, then said, touching the gray in my hair, “It’s just going so fast!”

I cracked up.  He had been so serious when he said it, but when I laughed, he heard how old and/or dramatic he sounded (at 12) and he laughed, too.  Then he recalled a time earlier in the day when I laughed and laughed at something silly, and we laughed harder.  As we caught our breath, I turned on the Christmas music box by his bed, but he was so riled up he leaned over and began blowing strawberries on my arm to the notes of the songs (imagine O Come All Ye Faithful in fart sounds).  I asked if I could videotape him and he said, “Uh, no”, but we laughed again.  Finally it was way past his bedtime and I asked for what he was thankful.  He said, “My new monitor and you for getting it for me,” (picking it up) “and Christmas.”  I said I was thankful for time at home and A Christmas Story, and for him for keeping me laughing.

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The company of a close friend

With B away, we haven’t been consistent with the thankfulness ritual, and he has had a few homesick days on which I was a little afraid to push the envelope of asking for what he was thankful for fear of making the homesickness worse.  It’s hard on my heart to hear his voice crack on the other end of the phone; I know he’s trying to be tough, and I know it’s a good thing for him (us?) to do, but — oof — it’s not easy. 

In his absence, I’ve been doing the chalice on my own. Last night, I was thankful for that lovely mixture of laughter and soul searching that comes from spending a whole evening blessed with the company of a close friend.

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