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Odds and ends of a weekend apart

It was a quiet, working, weekend here at the house (well, around town – I don’t get anything done at the house) because Mythankfulboy was at a friend’s house Thursday night (no school Friday) and at his dad’s for the weekend.  This did not keep me from sending him audio clips via text asking him to spell various words, but it did mean that I didn’t get my usual dose of him.  In some ways, the nights away from your kid/s, as a divorced parent, are really good breaks.  Of course, not so much when they are texting and begging to come back to your house.  Still, we worked through that, and I missed him thoroughly by the time he got home.

Today, while his dad took him for a snowboard lesson (awesome, right?), I went to the office and met my business partner and one of our precious staff, and we did some sprucing up.  This was much-needed, and I think we’ll all be happier this week for having done it.  Afterward, I had a quick, quiet dinner out and read (one of my favorite combinations of things to do), and headed over to pick up the boy.  He had so many things to tell me, he couldn’t complete a sentence.  These things ranged from what his step-brother had done when he (B) had friends over (followed them around), to his disappointment that he won something in a video game only to find he already had one, to how much his rear end hurt from falling while learning to snowboard.  We got the car washed, and the boy a milkshake.  I played (and sang) my new favorite song for him, much to his pretend chagrin (The Decemberists’ Better Not Wake the Baby).  We turned into the driveway laughing.

Once home, of course we spelled (hard words: samovar, paprika, and catkin, although the last one was easy once he heard the correct spelling…), and then the chalice lighting.  It took a little while to tear him away from his iPod, but once we got the dog on the bed and settled, he gushed that he was thankful for his new baseball bat and some Lindt chocolate he got for his birthday.  These days he also always says he’s thankful for me.  I said I was thankful for getting some things done around the office, and for the lightness and laughter there today.  And of course, for his coming home after being gone a few days.  About then, the dog knocked the boy’s iPod out of the windowsill in which he’d left it for the night, and things moved into the dull aspects of getting it back in place, blowing out the candle, turning on the lava lamp, and saying goodnight.

Except for the “I love you” part.  That’s always the best part.

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I definitely do

Ugh. An essay math homework assignment for seventh graders, the directions for which this over-educated momma couldn’t decipher. Hours of work, the last couple of which fell to this evening after I got home with mythankfulboy at 8:20. Two loads of laundry later and his project done, as soon as I got him in the bathroom to brush his teeth (after 11:00!), I settled back with the work I needed to do tonight (some light speech-language diagnostic report reading), and the dog wanted to go out.


I’m not sure why I started working before the chalice-lighting anyway. Stress can really get in the way of thankfulness, as can exhaustion. So, I put down my work and let the dog out, I encouraged my child to finish in the bathroom and get in bed, and I laid out clothes for myself for tomorrow (I love waking to no decisions). THEN we did our evening thankfulness ritual. B was thankful for my help with homework. This I already knew, because he must have said “I love you” twenty times if he said it once during its final throes. In fact, he said it so much I finally said “If only you loved me this much when I wasn’t in the middle of helping you with a deadline or buying you shoes!”, and he replied, “Oh I do, Momma. I definitely do.”

I was easy tonight. Clean laundry, and a no-decision morning ahead.

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Not hardly

The impending doom of school starting next week has brought all kinds of love and appreciation out of B. Last week he started saying “I love you” in situations where most people might say “thank you”, as in “Hey B – you want grilled cheese for lunch?” “I love you, Momma.”

This quickly escalated to the tried-and-true “I love you more” game. Tonight, at the chalice lighting, however, I had just made him stop watching TV to go to bed, so I was not in a position of highest regard. When I asked for what he was thankful he said

“Not the mean momma who wouldn’t let me watch the rest of America’s Got Talent.”

I said “Ooo – I’m so mean!”

He said “Yeah you are!”, laughing.

I defiantly responded “Not hardly!”

I didn’t even notice what I had said, but he stammered “Not – not what? What does that mean?!” I explained it meant “No way!” and he suggested I might say “That’s so untrue!” instead. I told him I was sticking with “Not hardly”, making him laugh harder. When he recovered, he asked for what I was thankful, and I said “I’m thankful for a clean boy”, celebrating his post-shower, wet-head, shampoo-scentedness.

As I blew out the chalice candle, B said “I love you”. I answered “Oh, but I love you more” planting a kiss on his forehead. As I turned the corner I heard “Not hardly!”

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Bomp bomp

Tonight I tore myself away from posting photos from our vacation in order to join B for our evening chalice lighting.  I found myself singing a cheerful little love song from my childhood as I got comfortable — maybe you’ll recognize it:  “I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck; a hug around the neck and a barrel and a heap; a barrel and a heap’s got me talking in my sleep. ‘Cause I love you, a bushel and a peck, you bet your little neck I do!”  For some reason, B and I have added a “Bomp bomp” at the end, to finish it off, which he added tonight, grinning.  We were quiet for a minute, and I found myself saying, “I know it sounds like I’m taking the easy way out, but I am just so grateful for our amazing friends from Ferry Beach.”  B didn’t miss a beat.  “That was SO the easy way out!!” he cackled.  Once we got through the good-natured wrestling/tickling that ensued, he offered “I have two things. One is so obvious it kinda doesn’t count — Minecraft.”  (A new version was released yesterday — epic.)  “The second is that song you were just singing.”  With that, he sat up and began singing it, replacing each “you” with “Momma”.  This time, though, instead of a “bomp bomp”, I got a double peck on the cheek to wrap it up.  Delish.   

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