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Simple is best

This week I spent the weekend and Sunday night away, and Mythankfulboy stayed at his dad’s.  We kept in touch via text, but it’s unusual for us to be apart this long, especially with baseball in full swing and it being the transition weekend between school and summer.  After his game last night we caught up on the ride home, which didn’t get us to the house until 9:30.  Then I had all the work I hadn’t done over the weekend left to do, so he went his way and I went mine.  When he got ready to go to sleep, he came into my office/bedroom to find me and ask for what I was thankful.  I said I was thankful for my friends KS and JR, both of whom I got to spend rare time with over the weekend, and that I was thankful to see his beautiful face.  He said he was thankful to be home and to see me and to be out of school.   Then he leaned down and kissed my forehead, asked me to wake him in the morning to say goodbye, and went to bed.  Simple is best.

P.S.  B and I also talked at length about the Orlando nightclub shooting and all its emotions and ramifications.  I think it’s just too raw to talk about here.

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Power of the chalice

Nothing gets you ready for a chalice lighting like having a shouting argument with a construction worker.

Yes, last night was a late night at work and a race to mythankfulboy’s dad’s house to retrieve him and get us both to bed. Almost home, and traffic was stopped for repaving. A construction worker waved a light stick to instruct our line of cars into which lane to go. We followed what we thought were her instructions. For some reason, the worker chose my car out of the group, walked over, knocked on the window, and when I rolled it down yelled at me for messing up the traffic pattern. Now, it takes a lot to make me raise my voice. It is not that I don’t get angry, it’s just that I tend not to be loud when I’m angry. Until tonight, when I yelled right back at this worker. It was an out of body experience.

So, when I got to B just a few minutes later to find he had dropped his iPod and cracked the screen badly, I wasn’t angry, just spent. He didn’t know what to make of my quietness around this very important issue.

Home, teeth brushed, tucked in, we lit the chalice and sat there quietly. After some time, I asked for what B was thankful. He didn’t answer right away. Eventually, he said, “Being home. And the pumpkin party.” He didn’t ask me tonight for what I was thankful, and I didn’t offer anything. This morning, though, I think I should have said, “I’m thankful for your love, and for the centering, joining power of this chalice.”

This morning B missed the bus. Prayers appreciated.

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Thankful, thankful, thankful my boy is home.

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