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Peter Pan on a scooter

(from 9/1/16)

The first week of high school comes to a close for Mythankfulboy.  In review, last night at the chalice lighting, he said that all-in-all, he liked high school, and that it got better every day, so he thought that would be the trend.  He said he was tired – that in some ways that was the biggest change for him.  I hear this echoed from his friends’ parents, who say that all their boys are coming home and napping.  I found that funny because B had specifically mentioned to me that he had wanted to nap but had “held off”.  I asked him why, and he said, “I’m trying not to succumb to being a teenager”.

At an age when some kids are racing ahead to be older and do older things, my boy is putting on the brakes, savoring his boyhood.  My Peter Pan.  He’s going to have a hard time, though, convincing other people, as he gets taller and lankier by the day with a voice that’s descending rapidly.

Last night we built a scooter “rail” out of wood – a roughly 5-foot long plank of hardwood elevated on a 4×4 base on-and-off of which to do scooter tricks.  It wasn’t complicated, but I had made him put off doing it until his summer reading was done.  He was ecstatic.  He scootered all evening, and then, around 9pm he asked me to come outside and tell him whether or not it was too loud to continue (yes).  He said, “Okay” and came in to settle into the bedtime routine.  After we lit the chalice and talked about the week, he asked for what I was thankful.  I said I was thankful that we had the time to build his rail.  He said, “Me too!  I’m really thankful to have the ramp, and that you helped me build it!”  The way Mythankfulboy gets excited about things is just the same now as it was when he was little.  Peter Pan on a scooter.

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Contagious gratitude

Well, the report of the first day of high school was mixed.  Mythankfulboy clearly thought it was a big adventure, and he liked some of his teachers and classes, but he didn’t see any of his friends all day long, and he was quite sad about that.  He said lunch was intimidating with “all the big kids”, but that it was okay, and he knew he’d get used to it.  He said he didn’t mind the morning bus, but the afternoon bus “was a nightmare” (I never circled back to ask about that one).  He said he was surprised by how much independence they had, and he liked that.

Last night he went to his summer baseball banquet, where he got a small plaque and caught back up with some baseball friends.  When he got home he ate a snack and laid down in his bed, lights out, with his phone.  I checked in to see if he was okay, and he said, “Just chillin'”.  I turned to leave and he called me back and said, “Hey Mom, I just want to thank you for driving me everywhere I need to go – to sports and friends and stuff.”  I thanked him for thanking me (a constant in our house), and asked what made him think to mention it.  He said someone at the banquet had talked about how baseball wouldn’t be possible without the parents who made sacrifices to get the kids to practices and games. He said he would be sure to thank his dad, too.

When it was time for bed, he laid on the floor next to my desk (where I was working) and asked for what I was thankful.  I said I was thankful he had a reasonably good first day of school, and that he had gone to the banquet (to which he had not really wanted to go).  He said, “I already told you my thing about driving me around, but I’m also thankful that the first day of school is over.”

I have to say, although I didn’t say it to him, that I am also grateful for the coach who stood up at B’s banquet and pointed out the role of us parents in the ability of the league to do what it does.  It obviously made an impression on my boy, and probably on quite a few others.  Gratitude is contagious, especially when it is modeled by people you respect.

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High school tomorrow

How did it get to be the night before Mythankfulboy goes to high school?

I’ve had some really nice time with B in the last two weeks as he has needed support to get his summer reading annotation done, and carting around for school clothes and supplies. When annotating, he usually provides too much or too little information, and so I’ve been teaching.  Luckily, he doesn’t mind being taught.  We’ve annotated at his desk, at the dining room table, on the couch, at Subway, at Red Robin, and at Panera.  And, of course, when things get down to the wire and you work longer than you should you get punchy, and that’s always fun.  Laughing with this kid is my favorite.

Tonight he picked out something to wear, packed his backpack, and set his alarms (can’t be too careful!)   He asked for help making sure his clothes matched, but weren’t too matchy.  I kept giving him orders (“Put your dishes away”, “Turn that light off”, “Make sure the dog has water”) and he kept answering, “But Mo-om, I have to get to bed for my first day of school!”

Once there, I asked him for what he was thankful, and he said, “Your help with annotating.”  He asked me, and I said, “The time with you doing the work.”  He smiled sweetly, then asked me to measure him on the wall.  He’d grown and inch-and-a-half since March, and took great pleasure in asking me to stand there so he could mark my height about an inch below his.  He marked it “Momma”.

Oh, and fall baseball practice started today.  Here we go, off into the unknown.  Looks like fun to me!

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Preparing for high school

Mythankfulboy and I have had a nice summer.  Now it’s time to turn our attention towards his first year of high school.

On my mind: What will his classes be?  Will he have any of them with his friends?  What the heck are the actual school day hours, and what bus will he be on?  How much homework will there be?   Is there a supplies list up on the website?  Is there a parent orientation night?  Did they change the date for it?  You know – the predictable stuff.

On his mind: How many more social events can I squeeze into the days (and nights) before the first day?  What kind of scooter can I get with the money I have?  How many more chapters do I have to annotate before school starts?   How much is in the back-to-school supply budget for cool socks?   Is there any ice cream in the freezer?  You know – the predictable stuff.

He doesn’t seem at all worried about where to go or the size of the school or his schedule.  He doesn’t worry about when he’ll see his friends.  He knows some of his friends are starting to date, and he seems to think that’s all good without showing much interest himself (unless it’s under the radar, which is always a possibility).  I think his take-it-in-stride attitude is a gift, and I am most grateful, even when I want to throttle him for not showing a little more concern.

August quickly becomes stressful around my office because we are very affected by the school year’s approach, and as this has happened this year, B has become a bit more attentive of my moods (self-preservation, one might say).  I tend to vacillate between doing paperwork late into the night and  going to be early because I was up so late the night before.  On my late nights, he pops in from time-to-time to bring me a soda, set a silly object on my desk, or curl up beside me on the couch and tell me something on his mind.  He sits on the bed beside my desk and we do the chalice lighting.  On my early nights he tends to wait until I’m crawling into bed and then he lays on the floor in my bedroom with the dog and we talk about our day or the day to come and do our chalice lighting.  It’s interesting, now that I think about it – the shift from my joining him beside his bed to the reverse.  Heavens – my boy is growing up.  Last night he was thankful for his new scooter, which he has decided to name “Geraldine” after my mom.  He said he liked the name, and he likes her, too.  I was thankful for books, which are an escape from the daily grind.  He nodded in agreement.  We smiled at each other for a moment, and then he lumbered up off the floor (he is officially taller than me, now) and went to let the dog in and lock up the house and turn out the lights.

Thankful, thankful.

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