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Nothing profound here

Me, bundled up in a blanket with iPad in my lap.

Mythankfulboy, sprawled in that uniquely teenage way on the couch, eating Reese’s ice cream from a blue and green bowl.

B:  “So, what are you thankful for?”

M: “Your new baseball hats.  They’re snazzy.”

B: “Snazzy.  Huh.”  (mulling over the word)

M: “And you?”

B: “My silky smooth hair” he says while running his fingers through the front of said locks.

M: “Really?  Aren’t you asking to cut it?”

B: “Yeah.  It’s still silky.”

Searching for the profound here and …… coming up happily short.

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Do you like my hair?

Tonight at our chalice lighting, as he has before, B said he was thankful for hair. His Justin Bieber hair (the style that made the boy famous, not the short ‘do) has grown back in. When asked to elaborate (an unfortunate request, on my part), he said “because hair can make you look cool, or” (pause, with length-en-ing of-the wo-rds) “not so cool”.

This is the point at which most people would stop asking questions, but I was amused and interested in how he was going to provide feedback he obviously thought I needed to hear. I asked “So, you are essentially saying that your hair makes you look cool and mine doesn’t?” He hesitated, sensing a trap. “Kinda?”

Uh-huh. Kinda.

He dug the hole deeper. “It’s good and it’s bad.” I waited. He got out a bigger shovel. “I like the color!” he tried with enthusiasm. “But?” I asked. “But I don’t like the length.”

“I see,” I said, prolonging his agony.

“But I still love you!” he added, hopefully. “And I, you” I replied, hugging him. He said “Please don’t tell anybody I said that about your hair.” “I can’t promise that,” I said, smiling to myself.

After a silence elapsed, I said “I’m thankful tonight for people who like my hair”.

He hit me with a pillow.

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Hair and lazy days

A lazy day today, this rainy Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. More movies from home, some housekeeping. Housekeeping begets thoughts of dog hair, which led B to say for the umpteenth time that when he grows up, if he gets a dog, he’s getting one that doesn’t shed. Tonight, during our nightly thankfulness ritual, now with the added not-thankful twist, B was not thankful for dog hair, but very thankful for his hair. For me, nothing sprang to mind for the dark side of the coin, but I was thankful for lazy days.

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A little more than that

A self-described “hyper” boy tonight jumped about his mother on the bed during the chalice lighting, and began this exchange that it is likely to only be overheard between a boy and an indulgent mother:

B:   I love you more than baby powder loves a rash!

Me: I love you more than foot spray loves athletes’ foot!

B:   I love you more than indigestion medicine loves indigestion!

Me: I love you more than diaper cream loves a sore bottom!

B:   I love you more than shampoo loves dirty hair!

Me: I love you more than toothpaste loves dirty teeth!  Did you brush your teeth?

B:  Yes, and I love you more than Justin Beiber loves his hair!  Ha!  Top that!

Me: I love you more than you love your hair!  There!  I topped it!

B: Well, I probably love you a little more than that…

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