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If I needed you

I was on gym duty today, which meant picking B and his friend up from school and driving them to the gym, then picking them up and taking the friend home.  This has recently evolved into the transport of an additional two female passengers, as well, and this was the first time it had affected my gym run.  The silence in the car was palpable.  I had been told I couldn’t gush that it was SO good to MEET them, so I asked a few basic questions (i.e., “How was school?” and “Everybody got what they need?”), and then let the silence fall.  Adorable.

Back at home, B and I went our separate ways for a while, back together for dinner, and apart again until I threatened bodily harm if he didn’t get in the shower.  He seemed very frightened.  After his shower he pushed and prodded the dog to the side of the other chair in front of the fire and cozied down into the chair with him.  We talked about his day (Me: “So, you guys were pretty quiet in the car today!” Him: “Yeah – AWKARD!”) and mine (Him: “What did you do today?” Me: “Well, my computer wouldn’t turn on for the first half of the day, so I had to get creative.”), about the Valentine’s Day cards we just bought and have to get in the mail tomorrow if we’re even going to pretend we were trying to get them to the grandparents on time, and then we studied for the bee.  Tonight we reviewed the hard words from the last week: “edification” (one “d” or 2?), “sabbatical” (one “b” or 2?), “en route” and “terra-cotta” (space or hyphen?), and “abysmal” and “hyacinth” (darn those “y”s!)  This is so fun for me, and he’s enjoying it, too.

We moved to his room for the chalice.  There, Mythankfulboy said he was thankful that I was helping him study for the spelling bee.  In a moment of quiet a few minutes later, he also said he was thankful that we had each other.  “If I were on the streets, you would take care of me, and if you were on the streets, I would take care of you.”  At the time, I said yes – aren’t we blessed to know that and to have each other.  As I write this now, I’m reminded of a song I used to sing to him when he was a baby, the Don Williams song “If I Needed You (Would You Come to Me). When he got older, he said it was too sad.  I think it’s just right.

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There’s you, and you, and you….

Let’s see.  The YMCA (writing for work for momma), home, dinner, fire, Crossfit (writing for work for momma), home (writing for work for momma).  After his shower, at bedtime, B hopped up on my bed next to my desk and asked for what I was thankful.  I finished typing a sentence, sat back in my swivel chair, crossed my arms, and thought.  While I did that, he said he was thankful for the gym.  I said I was thankful for all the friends we wanted to try to see in the upcoming holidays.  He said, “Yeah!  Like….” and proceeded to name 10 or more folks.

When B was little, we used to name off all the people who loved him, and we’d make a big deal about getting too tired to finish.  That’s how I feel tonight; held by so many that I can just drift off to sleep in my gratitude and not even try to name you all.

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Electric warmth

Well, an electric blanket drew mythankfulboy back to his room to roost.  The fan on our AC/Heat has been broken for months, so now that the temperature is dipping and we have no heat, the warmth of the electric blanket trumped the warmth of his mother’s presence in the room.  Or maybe the novelty wore off.  Or maybe he just got tired of listening to me snore…

We have not yet moved the chalice back to his room, so, as he slowly rose, groaning, to head off to bed later than he should have last night, he turned to me and said “What are you thankful for tonight?”  As I was sitting on the couch watching M*A*S*H (a rare moment, but, then, I was also paying bills online), I answered “TVland”.  Him?  The two gyms where he’s working out these days and the folks that guide him in those workouts. With a quick “I love you”, he turned and hobbled off to bed.

Maybe the electric blanket is really just a giant heating pad for all his sore muscles….

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Open door

A busy evening meant B and I hardly spoke to one another until the chalice lighting.  Then I couldn’t shut him up.  We reviewed the day’s events, played a word game on the iPad, and argued over how many turns we had already accomplished on his palatal expander.  Only then did we settle down to our evening thankfulness ritual.

B:  Okay Mom.  Turn your light out.

M: I can’t.

B: Why not?

M: Because I have a question for you.

B: Oh!  You have to sign that form for me tomorrow so that I don’t get a detention!

M: What form?

B: The one you signed that I lost.

M: Hmm.  So, I HAVE TO do something a second time so that YOU don’t get in trouble?  Seems to me I have the power here.

B: What do you mean?

M: Well, if I don’t sign it, nothing happens to me, right?

B: Mom!  I’ll get detention!  And they’re doing SATURDAY detentions this year!

M: Yeeeaaaahhh (smiling).  I’ll have to think about that.

B: (light bulb)  I’m sorry.  I won’t lose it this time.  So what was your question?

M: What are you thankful for (duh!)?

B: Oh!  Right!  (and without hesitation:) Ebay!

M: Interesting.  Why?

B: Because I should have shopped on it a long time ago.

M: That’s a thought about it, but why are you thankful for it?

B: Because you can get things, like, 50-75% off!  I mean, sometimes they’re used, but that’s okay as long as they’re in good shape.

M: Okay, I can see that.

B: What are you thankful for?

M: (pause to think)  That you are being a self-starter and a good consumer with your YMCA membership.

B: Yeah.  It’s great.  I did the treadmill and arms today.  I’ll do the elliptical and legs tomorrow.  You know that machine called….  Have you ever done….  Do you think I should….   Today A (his friend) said….  I like it when we….

Open the door to communication, and they walk right through at this age, especially if they’re practiced at it.  Here’s hoping the practice means that the door doesn’t shut entirely as he gets a bit older.

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