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Exhausted from fun

Some weekends my main job is as driver.  Pick Mythankfulboy and a teammate up at baseball and take them home.  Run him to his dad’s to get something he forgot.  Take him to a school thon (at least I didn’t have to pick him up).  Take him and a friend to a skatepark and wait four hours for them to be done so I can take them home.  I marvel at people who have more than one and manage to get them everywhere.   And, the truth is, I don’t mind it, as long as it doesn’t have to be squeezed between other things at breakneck speed, which was true during the week this week.

B was very tired last night after being up all night at the thon fundraiser (raised $8000, so that’s cool) and then four hours of indoor skate park (on a scooter).   He doggedly did homework when he got home then sank down beside me on the couch for the chalice lighting.  He was thankful for a fun, exhausting weekend.  I was thankful for a productive weekend despite the chauffeuring.  He gave me a big kiss on the cheek and took himself to bed.

It’s a happy thing to be exhausted from fun.  It’s a thing for which to be grateful.

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Flexible flattery

Last night, B was thankful for me and for balloons. The balloons were because of a game that he’s been playing on my phone that has him enraptured. I had a sneaking suspicion that he said me so that he could then, guilt-free, say something related to technology. So, I asked what he was thankful for with regards to me. He said “You’re just the most awesome mom ever.” Hmmm. Suspicious. I said “Flattery will get you nowhere.” He said “What’s flattery?”

I was thankful that he is such a flexible kid. You can probably predict that his response was “I’m not that flexible. I can’t even do a back bend.” I explained the cognitive type of flexibility (in simpler terms, of course), and he said “Oh, yeah. That’s way more fun.”Literal, yes, but at least he’s flexible!

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Great big kids

Tonight I got a lovely view of who my son can be when I am not there.  I called to tell him who his teacher will be next year (turns out she’s only the third best out of four in his mind), and he was out having fun in the lake, so I got to talk to his Nini for a while.  She was proud to report that B had not only been happy to see his three year old second-cousin, but that he had thrown his arms open wide to hug him when he arrived, and that he has been playng with him ever since, as Nini puts is “being so good with him”.  I’m very proud of him.  Just last month, at Ferry Beach, he was asking questions about how to play with little kids and still have fun, and he did not seem at all convinced by my saying that you get your fun from making their fun.  But he watched the big kids at Ferry Beach do it, and I suspect that he thought about his big cousins spending time with him on this trip, and it sounds like something clicked.  So, tonight I am proud of him in a chest-might-burst kinda way, and I’m thankful for the great “big kids” in his life who teach by example how to be kind, and how to live a joyful life.

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