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Driving lesson

Lots ‘o baseball this weekend – a tournament with a couple of close games that Mythankfulboy’s team won in the end, resulting in a big team trophy and medals for each player.  I feel blessed to have my son on a team that does well and is full of nice kids with lovely parents.

On a rainy Memorial Day B and I drove a distance to a store that turns old cameras into functional lamps (oddly specific, I know) because we never seem to have a day to make it happen, and he wants to transform one of his grandfather’s cameras into something his dad can use for Father’s Day or a birthday.  We started out at Waffle House, but it was too busy, so we tried a brew pub that was closed, and then we ended up at a deli that was fantastic.  We parked right in front of the store we wanted to visit (unheard of) but it turns out they’re closed on Mondays (that explains it).  So, we visited an awesome second-hand store and then headed home.   On the way home, over a small mountain, we took a turn on a road we didn’t know to see if we could find the top of the mountain.  We did, and the view is probably amazing when there are no leaves on the trees or from the observatory we didn’t know was there (closed for Memorial Day.)  Over the mountain towards home and going through a college campus, B said, “Can I drive your car?” and before I could answer, he said, “No.  No.  Nevermind.  Forget it.”  I didn’t say anything but I pulled into a big empty parking lot and stopped, put on the emergency brake and smiled at him.   He smiled nervously and said, “Really?”  I said, “Absolutely.”  So, we switched places and he tooled us around the parking lot, trying left turns and right turns and even parallel parking along an empty curb.  He was good at it, for which he credits video games, although he’s driven a golf cart at his Grandaddy’s for years, which probably also helped.  He said his dad also let him drive his 4-wheel drive up a family mountain path, which surprised me given the need to use the 4-wheel drive to make it up, but hey – everything turned out fine.

B tried to scare up a something to do with a friend in the afternoon, but nothing panned out, so we stayed home.  I threw my back out doing laundry (sigh), so things got even quieter around our house.  After dinner, B made snickerdoodles and then went for a short run while I alternated sitting and standing, heat and cold.  Ah, the young and the old.

At the chalice lighting B asked for what I was thankful.  I said I was thankful for a day where we didn’t have any obligations, finding a new deli, a new phone case with a built- in backup battery bought at a cool second-hand store for less than ten dollars, and a weekend spent with him.   He said he was thankful for a fun weekend, for lots of baseball and playing well, and for snickerdoodles.  I said something about his first driving lesson, and he said, “What?  You didn’t teach me anything – I knew what I was doing.”  I said, “Oh, so when I told you to use your right foot for everything (not one foot on the gas and one on the brake), and when I told you to edge out just a little farther turning right than left, and when I told you to turn the wheel hard and slowly get close to the curb before turning the wheel back for parallel parking – that was all ‘on your own’?”  He chuckled.  “Okay, mostly on my own.”   My goodness I’m fond of this kid, and so thankful for time with him before he gets that license he’s thinking about…

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