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No drama

Last night B broke from his Xbox One long enough to do the chalice with me so that I could go to bed.  He huddled beside me to shield himself from the fan I had blowing (mental note: fan makes child snuggle).  He asked for what I was thankful, and I said movies. I love, love, love to get lost in a movie in a theater.  I asked for what he was thankful, and he said his cousins up north, who he had seen over the holidays.

Short and sweet, and back to his Xbox.  No drama, which is something for which to be grateful, for sure.

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A day of rest, and no need to dwell

We had an unprecedented day here in the mythankfulboy household.  We had specific plans for something that had to get done (and still does before snow comes, alas), and we blew them off.

Mythankfulboy was not sure quite what was happening at first.  We had gone out to breakfast, and instead of going home I got the car washed.  Then I turned the wrong way out of that driveway, and down a road I liked the name of but had never driven down before.  “What are we doing?” he asked.  Then we drove by the reservoir, and just when he thought I’d turn the car towards home I turned into a park.  He had run a 5K yesterday (go B!) and was a bit sore, so I asked if we could just walk down to the water (lake, dam, river).  I was pretty sure if I got him out into the park he’d want to kick around a little bit.  We walked past the dam and down to the river where he proceeded to raise the water level with the number of rocks he skipped in.  Finally, he looked up and said, “You ready to go?”, as if he’d been waiting on me all along.

On the way home I announced a day of rest.  He said “YES!”  When we got in the door he helped me set up in front of the fire to read/nap, and he headed off to his room to play video games.  After a while he called “Let me know if you need another log on the fire, so you don’t have to get up!”  The day went on this way, and finally I asked why he was being so nice to me.  He said “Because you deserve it.  You should have a day like this every weekend.  You do way more than this for me.”  I told him that a day of rest and contemplation had originally been the purpose of Sunday, and he said we should make it happen.  I said it was a nice thought, but that we’d probably only get a day off every now and then.  He said he was fine with that.

By bedtime he was calling out orders instead of taking them (e.g., “Hey mom – can you bring me some water?  No!  Cold water!” , “Momma, can you fix my sheets?”, “Your turn!” when the dog wanted out), but I didn’t mind.   I asked for what he was thankful, and he said friends online he could talk to.  I asked who he’d been chatting with, and he said his cousin and a friend from here.  He said they talked about video games, mostly, and his cousin wanted to know when he’d see him.  B was also thankful for crossfit training for baseball.  I was thankful for him, for his sweet attention today, and for making it easy to be proud of him.  This was, apparently, not earth-shattering news, because I’d barely finished my lovey-dovey offering when he said, “and I’m thankful that this fan is so quiet”, referring to the fan by his bed.

I guess when you know you’re loved, you don’t have to dwell on it.  I’m thankful for that, too.

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I’m thankful for THAT

“Get in the bed NOW!!!!”

This is how we began this evening’s chalice-lighting. It followed “This is why you need to start your bedtime routine earlier”, “I’ll give you five minutes to finish that”, “That was a command, not a request”, and “I’m about to tan your hide!”

Such a peaceful beginning to our evening thankfulness ritual.

Tonight B was thankful for fans (the kind that blow air), shoes, pasta, and me. Me, he went on to say, because I buy him fans, shoes, and pasta. “That’s the only reason you’re thankful for me, huh?” I wondered exaggeratedly.

“Yep, I mean nope, I mean, wait, I AM thankful for you because you do those things.” “Ok, but are they the MAIN reasons you’re thankful for me?”

Painfully, this required thought on his part.

Finally, a lightbulb went off. “No! I’m thankful for you because I love you and you love me!”

“Oh!” I said. “Of course! Yeah, I’m thankful for THAT.”

“Yeah” he breathed quietly, as though it is the first time he’d ever considered such a thing.

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Common things

B:  Laptop, cousin 5 states away, fan beside the bed, Momma.

M: Neighbor who loves our dog and is helping me figure out how to keep him healthy.  And sleep.

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Cool hairstyles for men

I think Thursdays are the hardest day of the week for me.  I start early and end late for work, and B has baseball in the evening.  His dad takes him, but I get him dirty and hungry around 8pm, when I’m just getting home myself.  I feel at loose ends on Thursday nights – like I don’t have enough time to start anything of consequence, but I can’t afford not to get something done.  I’m working on being okay with sitting on the couch for a few minutes.  Tonight B plopped down beside me and did a web search for “cool hairstyles for men”.  Hee hee.

When we made our way to the chalice lighting tonight, B was exhausted.  We turned the crank on his palatal expander (oh the fun!), and then turned out the lights.  He was thankful for baseball, dodgeball, his laptop, and the fan beside his bed.  I was thankful for cooler days.  He was not thankful for shorter days.  I wasn’t either.  And that was it.   Some nights it’s short and sweet.

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A list

Last night’s list: everyone in my family, the dog (is he part of the family? I guess…), doors, fans, beds, saxaphones (his new instrument), pianos, pillows, sleep.

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Blessings small and large

Tomorrow being the first day of school, and tonight being the first night of fall baseball practice (the first several being rained out by Hurricane Irene), I didn’t predict that B tonight would be thankful for doors.  “Doors?” I asked.  “And fans”.  “Ok, tell me more.”  “And clocks.”  “No, don’t tell me more things. Tell me more about why you’re thankful for doors and fans.”  “Doors, because they give us privacy, and fans because they keep us cool. Well, actually, I’m even more thankful for air conditioners, because you can set them to how cool you want to be.”  “And clocks?”  “Because they tell me what time it is.”  “Why do you care what time it is?” I asked.   “Because I need to know if it’s late or not.”  “So they help you know when to do things?”  “Yeah. They help me plan.”  “Mmm. I’m thankful tonight that all of our friends were safe during Irene.”  “Yeah. We were lucky” he said.   

We know many people were not lucky.  Our hearts are with those folks, and as we light our chalice tonight, we are grateful for our good fortune.

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