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Open door

A busy evening meant B and I hardly spoke to one another until the chalice lighting.  Then I couldn’t shut him up.  We reviewed the day’s events, played a word game on the iPad, and argued over how many turns we had already accomplished on his palatal expander.  Only then did we settle down to our evening thankfulness ritual.

B:  Okay Mom.  Turn your light out.

M: I can’t.

B: Why not?

M: Because I have a question for you.

B: Oh!  You have to sign that form for me tomorrow so that I don’t get a detention!

M: What form?

B: The one you signed that I lost.

M: Hmm.  So, I HAVE TO do something a second time so that YOU don’t get in trouble?  Seems to me I have the power here.

B: What do you mean?

M: Well, if I don’t sign it, nothing happens to me, right?

B: Mom!  I’ll get detention!  And they’re doing SATURDAY detentions this year!

M: Yeeeaaaahhh (smiling).  I’ll have to think about that.

B: (light bulb)  I’m sorry.  I won’t lose it this time.  So what was your question?

M: What are you thankful for (duh!)?

B: Oh!  Right!  (and without hesitation:) Ebay!

M: Interesting.  Why?

B: Because I should have shopped on it a long time ago.

M: That’s a thought about it, but why are you thankful for it?

B: Because you can get things, like, 50-75% off!  I mean, sometimes they’re used, but that’s okay as long as they’re in good shape.

M: Okay, I can see that.

B: What are you thankful for?

M: (pause to think)  That you are being a self-starter and a good consumer with your YMCA membership.

B: Yeah.  It’s great.  I did the treadmill and arms today.  I’ll do the elliptical and legs tomorrow.  You know that machine called….  Have you ever done….  Do you think I should….   Today A (his friend) said….  I like it when we….

Open the door to communication, and they walk right through at this age, especially if they’re practiced at it.  Here’s hoping the practice means that the door doesn’t shut entirely as he gets a bit older.

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A list

Last night’s list: everyone in my family, the dog (is he part of the family? I guess…), doors, fans, beds, saxaphones (his new instrument), pianos, pillows, sleep.

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Blessings small and large

Tomorrow being the first day of school, and tonight being the first night of fall baseball practice (the first several being rained out by Hurricane Irene), I didn’t predict that B tonight would be thankful for doors.  “Doors?” I asked.  “And fans”.  “Ok, tell me more.”  “And clocks.”  “No, don’t tell me more things. Tell me more about why you’re thankful for doors and fans.”  “Doors, because they give us privacy, and fans because they keep us cool. Well, actually, I’m even more thankful for air conditioners, because you can set them to how cool you want to be.”  “And clocks?”  “Because they tell me what time it is.”  “Why do you care what time it is?” I asked.   “Because I need to know if it’s late or not.”  “So they help you know when to do things?”  “Yeah. They help me plan.”  “Mmm. I’m thankful tonight that all of our friends were safe during Irene.”  “Yeah. We were lucky” he said.   

We know many people were not lucky.  Our hearts are with those folks, and as we light our chalice tonight, we are grateful for our good fortune.

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