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The armchair chalice

Allow me to paint a picture.  I am sitting in a cushy red chair with my feet up, gray UU hymnal in hand, reading glasses donned.  Mythankfulboy, 13, and his 7 year old cousin, M, kneel beside my chair, B with his chin on his folded arms on the arm of the chair and M with just his big, wide, eyes peeking over the arm.  He’s not sure what to expect.  My daddy, their grandfather and great grandfather, sits in the background, working a crossword puzzle but listening intently.  Our chalice is lit on the table beside the chair.  I read the following, from W.E.B. Du Bois:

“The prayer of our souls is a petition for persistence; not for the one good deed, or single thought, but deed on deed, and thought on thought, until day calling unto day shall make a life worth living.”

I paraphrase as I go so the little one understands, and he nods his head gravely as I speak to him.  When the reading is done, I ask for what they are thankful.  B says, “I’m thankful that my cousin, M., is here.”  M says, “I’m thankful that I’m B’s cousin.”  I say, “I’m thankful that everyone is here together, and that you both are in my life.”  Everyone nods, and we sit quietly a moment, B’s arm still around M.

Then M says, “Well, my momma told me to go to bed, and I gotta go!”, at which point he hopped off to bed.  Such sweetness.

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No drama

Last night B broke from his Xbox One long enough to do the chalice with me so that I could go to bed.  He huddled beside me to shield himself from the fan I had blowing (mental note: fan makes child snuggle).  He asked for what I was thankful, and I said movies. I love, love, love to get lost in a movie in a theater.  I asked for what he was thankful, and he said his cousins up north, who he had seen over the holidays.

Short and sweet, and back to his Xbox.  No drama, which is something for which to be grateful, for sure.

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Common things

B:  Laptop, cousin 5 states away, fan beside the bed, Momma.

M: Neighbor who loves our dog and is helping me figure out how to keep him healthy.  And sleep.

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A new perspective on bowling

B has made it through one more handoff, from his cousins’ house to his grandaddy’s house.  He and his grandaddy went bowling tonight, which is one of B’s absolute favorite things to do, and Grandaddy is a very good bowler.  He was a little bummed that Nini, his grandmother, didn’t get to go tonight, but I imagine they’ll go again, and B bowled a 116, so he was pumped.  Hearing him talk about his trip to the bowling alley reminds me of the time when he was about six years old and we were in Grandaddy’s favorite bowling alley (Deep South, you’ll remember), and B had been talking to this nice young man in a flannel shirt, when all of a sudden I hear him ask the nice young flannel-attired man if he liked boys or girls.  The man looked confused, laughed nervously, and left in a hurry.  Now, B was not in the habit of asking people about their sexuality, so this took me by surprise — so much so that I sat there with my mouth open and did nothing.  And, honestly, this turned out to be the best response, because B didn’t seem to notice that the guy moved on and B went back to bowling.  As far as I know, he never asked anyone again, and my father wasn’t banished from the bowling alley… 

Tonight B was thankful for his cousins, his Grandaddy and Nini, and bowling.  Last night, this list included his Peepeye, his Aunt Jan, his Uncle Jeff, and their friends Cassie, Dewey, Jim, and Debbie.  I miss that boy.

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Losing himself in a story

Too long, too long away from putting pen to paper about my thankful boy.  This summer has been a true gift, and B is want to say out loud “This is the best summer of my life!”.  First, there is no school, obviously.  Then, he’s got camp that goes to the pool more days than not.  But mostly it is the week we spend at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine, the week he spends with his cousins in Maine, and the week that he spends with his cousins and grandparents in Georgia.  He has been thankful for so many people at a time so many nights, we have several times summed up with “the many people I love”.  Right now, though, he’s very in love with the new Kindle I was given by a dear friend for my birthday — reading is all he wants to do, and I don’t get much opportunity to use my own gift!  And so, he has alternated lately between being thankful for the Kindle and for reading in general.  He asked me today if he could read on the trampoline.  And I’m thankful he finds it hard to think of a spot in which he wouldn’t want to lose himself in a story.

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