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Heavens he’s grumpy

Mythankfulboy is over this whole study-for-finals thing.  Between that and another baseball loss, this time with one of his favorite people, CB, visiting to witness a not-so-stellar game, the edge has been ground off his usual enthusiastic approach to the world.  It could be hormones descending, too, but I’ll withhold judgment on that until school is out.  He’s not argumentative or sarcastic, but he’s tired and withdrawn.

I hesitated last night to start the chalice discussion, but, really, the hard nights are the most important, so I persevered.  He said he was thankful that finals were almost over, and then he sat, trying to think of something more positive (or so it appeared) and resigned himself to just not feeling it.  I was thankful to have been along the path of CB’s road trip, and for her going to B’s baseball game with us.

Now, it should be noted that B has the best bed in the house, and so it is the guest bed, making his room the guest room.  I have sleep issues that make the couch my preferred sleep spot.  That left my bed as the logical place for B to sleep last night, but he decided he’d sleep in a chair in the living room instead.  Around 3 am I woke to his repeatedly hitting his head against the arm of the chair in apparent frustration that he couldn’t sleep.  I told him to join me on the couch (I had my feet out on an ottoman, so there was space), and he trudged over with a blanket and curled up with his feet against my hip and fell asleep.  In the morning I should have gotten up earlier than I did, but he was sleeping peacefully, and I chose to savor the moment before he got up with his grumpy self.  Send him (and me) peace in these final days of finals.

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A quiet night at home, mythankfulboy gaming and me working (both home and office).  A heavy heart about work held a pall over the place.  B was understanding.  Whenever I tell him any bad news about the office, he assumes it will impact us severely from a financial standpoint (this probably will not), so the first words out of his mouth were “You don’t have to buy me a birthday present, Momma.”  God bless him.

He has decided he’s enjoying sleeping on the couch, so he got cozied down and the dog joined him on his side-saddle ottoman, and we sat quietly for a moment or two.  I broke the silence by saying I was thankful for a quiet night at home, and for his doing his chores without being asked.  He said he was thankful for crossfit, for a night off from crossfit, and for cars.  “Cars?  What about cars?” I asked.  “Just that they can get us so many places” he answered.

Sometimes simple is best.  Blessed be.

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Cool hairstyles for men

I think Thursdays are the hardest day of the week for me.  I start early and end late for work, and B has baseball in the evening.  His dad takes him, but I get him dirty and hungry around 8pm, when I’m just getting home myself.  I feel at loose ends on Thursday nights – like I don’t have enough time to start anything of consequence, but I can’t afford not to get something done.  I’m working on being okay with sitting on the couch for a few minutes.  Tonight B plopped down beside me and did a web search for “cool hairstyles for men”.  Hee hee.

When we made our way to the chalice lighting tonight, B was exhausted.  We turned the crank on his palatal expander (oh the fun!), and then turned out the lights.  He was thankful for baseball, dodgeball, his laptop, and the fan beside his bed.  I was thankful for cooler days.  He was not thankful for shorter days.  I wasn’t either.  And that was it.   Some nights it’s short and sweet.

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By the glow of the bubble wand

Last night I slept in the living room chair for several hours prior to bedtime while B played, do I need to say, Minecraft. So, when I woke up to find it was bedtime, he was very snuggled in already on the couch and decided to stay there for the night. Seeing as summer is winding down, I okayed it.

A few weeks ago B and I had been in a store and had found a “magic bubble wand” like one he’d had as a toddler – see-through and filled with slow-moving blue goo itself filled with glitter and stars. We had used the wand to create a big bubble around him that only his dad or I could get into, to keep him safe from bad creatures. It worked for a remarkably long time. We’re not sure what happened to that wand, so we were happy to replace it, and last evening he took it to “bed” with him where he marveled in the light of a small lamp at its rising and falling motion. I asked “By the glow if the bubble wand, for what are you thankful tonight?”

B answered “Quiet evenings at home.” Stinker. Two uninterrupted hours of screen-time would be more accurate. I said I was thankful for beautiful hair, B’s having had a haircut earlier that day. And privately, I was thankful to watch my big boy get just as much joy from the bubble wand as my little boy ever did.

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Lead, as for pencils

Last night was one of those stellar mom nights when I had clean clothes laying on B’s bed and he couldn’t sleep in it unless I got up from what I was doing and moved them.  Before I could do this, which, in fairness, I was showing no real signs of doing, he asked if he could sleep on the couch.  Since this was easier in the longrun for me, and a treat for him, I let him.  I then slept in the adjoining chair, where I could keep an eye on him (or not get up at all, depending on how you look at it).  Before he burrowed down happily into the couch he retrieved a favorite pillow and a big stuffed dog from his bed, tossing the dog to me.  I must have looked surprised, because he said “You want it don’t you?”  I told him yes (I love to use this animal as a pillow), and he said, clearly pleased with himself, “I thought you’d want him”.  My sweet boy.  “What are you thankful for tonight?”, I asked.  “Lead”, he answered.  “Lead for pencils?” I asked.  “Yeah, because we need it to write everything down!”.  I found this very funny, because he types so much these days, you would have thought he never thought about lead.  I was thankful for autumn, which has arrived with no ambiguity.

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