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A quiet night at home, mythankfulboy gaming and me working (both home and office).  A heavy heart about work held a pall over the place.  B was understanding.  Whenever I tell him any bad news about the office, he assumes it will impact us severely from a financial standpoint (this probably will not), so the first words out of his mouth were “You don’t have to buy me a birthday present, Momma.”  God bless him.

He has decided he’s enjoying sleeping on the couch, so he got cozied down and the dog joined him on his side-saddle ottoman, and we sat quietly for a moment or two.  I broke the silence by saying I was thankful for a quiet night at home, and for his doing his chores without being asked.  He said he was thankful for crossfit, for a night off from crossfit, and for cars.  “Cars?  What about cars?” I asked.  “Just that they can get us so many places” he answered.

Sometimes simple is best.  Blessed be.

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Nice hair, B

Mythankfulboy got a spiffy new haircut this afternoon, and he looks so handsome.   I was SURE he would be thankful for it at our evening chalice lighting.  In fact, he had the day off from school today and he weeded, stacked wood, disassembled part of a pagoda, mowed, and weed-whacked in order to earn the haircut.  He was particularly motivated because of an announcement he paid to be made during the intercom announcements tomorrow morning at school.  Apparently they can pay a dollar to send a “shout out” to someone, the only rule being that it be a positive message.  Last week B bought one that said “Nice hair B!  From B”.   Then over the weekend he begged to get his hair cut.  You can see the power I had to get some work done around the house…

So, back to the point that I was SURE he would be thankful for his new, cool, hair, or for the lovely woman who cut it, but he was actually thankful for the crime shows Law and Order and Criminal Minds.  A boy after my own heart.  So, I was thankful for his great new ‘do, and for all the hard work that led up to it.  What a good boy.

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When I can do just one thing to make us laugh

Tonight I gave B a household chore not long before bed that he didn’t want to do.  Pouting ensued.  After a while I forgot he was pouting and asked him a question, in answer to which he rolled his head around and glared at me (very sassy-tween-girl).  I looked at him a second trying to register why he was doing this, and, when I hit on it, said “Oh, give me a break.”  Just as I turned back to my household chore that I didn’t want to do before bed, I saw that he had lost the battle of trying to keep an annoyed face and had started to smile.  This time I couldn’t seem to figure out why he was smiling, so I glanced back at him, and he broke into a grin, which made me smile, and then we both laughed out loud.  It was a funny sequence because I was just a step behind him the whole time.  The laughter sure made the chores go easier, though.

At the chalice lighting, he was thankful for “when I can do just one thing that makes us both laugh really hard”.  I said “You’re very good at making me laugh.”

What a gift, to have someone in your life who loves to make you laugh.  I decided it would be overkill to say that that was what I was thankful for, but it was what I was thinking.

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I don’t know

B and I have spent the weekend focused on hearth and home, much to B’s chagrin.  He would have much preferred to go snow tubing, to go see the boy scout soap box derby at the local church, to have a friend over, to drop by the skate park, to go to a movie or the bookstore — anywhere but bored at home being asked to do chores.  Still recovering from the night a few weeks ago that I, channeling Scarlett O’Hara, cried “I can’t live like this anymore!”, there was a tangible push-pull as we tried to establish a reasonable set of new expectations.  I may have pushed too far tonight, because he took himself to bed without a word, on time, and read until I joined him for the chalice lighting.  When I settled in beside him, he put down his book and turned away from me.  I let several minutes pass, then asked if I should read his turning away as being angry.  He said no, he was fine.  Again, I let silence fall.  Eventually, I asked for what he was thankful.  He softly said “I don’t know.”  A minute later, I said “I’m very thankful for all the help you gave me this weekend.  You looked around and knew things needed to get done, and you really helped me out.  I am truly grateful.”  He didn’t move, and didn’t say anything.  Several minutes passed, and I was debating saying goodnight and leaving, when he quietly said “Thank you”.  At first, I didn’t know what he meant, because I had already moved on in my head from the compliment I had paid him.  When I realized what he did mean, I said “You’re welcome.  Thank YOU, Sweetheart.” 

I think the hardest part of B getting older is not hearing his every thought.  And, of course, not always being popular.

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