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Do you like my hair?

Tonight at our chalice lighting, as he has before, B said he was thankful for hair. His Justin Bieber hair (the style that made the boy famous, not the short ‘do) has grown back in. When asked to elaborate (an unfortunate request, on my part), he said “because hair can make you look cool, or” (pause, with length-en-ing of-the wo-rds) “not so cool”.

This is the point at which most people would stop asking questions, but I was amused and interested in how he was going to provide feedback he obviously thought I needed to hear. I asked “So, you are essentially saying that your hair makes you look cool and mine doesn’t?” He hesitated, sensing a trap. “Kinda?”

Uh-huh. Kinda.

He dug the hole deeper. “It’s good and it’s bad.” I waited. He got out a bigger shovel. “I like the color!” he tried with enthusiasm. “But?” I asked. “But I don’t like the length.”

“I see,” I said, prolonging his agony.

“But I still love you!” he added, hopefully. “And I, you” I replied, hugging him. He said “Please don’t tell anybody I said that about your hair.” “I can’t promise that,” I said, smiling to myself.

After a silence elapsed, I said “I’m thankful tonight for people who like my hair”.

He hit me with a pillow.

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Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors.  Tonight B is thankful for mirrors, because they allow him to check out his hair, which he is trying to grow out into a Beiber-do.  He didn’t say so, but they also allow him to practice the trademark Beiber hair toss/swing.  Yes, he’s officially on the “cool” track, although he’s too young at nine, really, to know what that is. I am proud of him, though, for standing his ground about what and who he likes — he says boys are always telling him that Justing Beiber is gay, and he answers “No he’s not, but who cares if he is?”.  That’s my boy! 

On a heavier note, I was thankful for B’s loving care tonight.  During our chalice lighting, B told me that he had been very upset by a disparaging series of comments his father had made about me earlier in the evening.  I told him that he handled the situation well by simply telling his dad to stop — that he didn’t need to fight battles for me, just to tell his dad (or anyone else for that matter) that he didn’t need to hear his thoughts about me.  I wished, though, for B, that I didn’t have this particular thing for which to be thankful tonight.  Wouldn’t it be nice if mirrors and hairstyles were all he really had to think about?

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Bandaids for a heartthrob

So, B, what are you thankful for tonight?

“Justin Beiber!  And did you know that Justin Beiber likes to wear bandaids when he’s not hurt just for fun?  Like, he wore some on a date and his date asked him why he was wearing bandaids and he said because they look cool!”

Like, omg.  Better stock up on bandaids….

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