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Bed for boy and dog

2-hour delay (as he wished), after school activities cancelled, and Crossfit cancelled.  The wind howled outside and we made our nests inside, mythankfulboy at his console and me at my fire.  I joined him briefly at his activity of choice, and he showered when I told him to and switched from gaming to Youtube (trade up? down?) for a while before we switched to spelling.  Tonight the words “firmament”, “palliative”, and “terra-cotta” eluded him and went on sticky notes.  The dog was on his bed for the second night in a row.  This is something I have said no to for, oh, 7 years or so, and suddenly this week I heard myself saying, “See if you can get him up there”.  When I change my mind about something, I often find out about it along with everyone else.  But, the dog slept through the night for the first time in years, and so I’m going with it.

I just jinxed myself, didn’t I?

We lit the chalice and our thanksgivings were quick and easy.  B was thankful the dog could sleep on his bed, and I was thankful the dog was sleeping on his bed so I could stay in mine.  May it be so.

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After the previous night, the first thing that B wanted to establish last night was that I was NOT going to lie down in his bed.  He dove in as fast as he could and took up as much room as his little body could cover.  So I promised not to make an electric-blanket-glutton of myself again, and was allowed to sit beside him after lighting the chalice.  We chatted about his first day back at school post-winter break, about new xBox accoutrements, and for a long time about ways to expand his diet.  This has been a concern pretty much since he started eating solid food.  We talked about some possibilities that he might be willing to try, and I told him that I would eat better if he would eat better, because I would actually cook.  He said, “Yeah, I don’t care how you look, but you might live longer.”  Thank you? I think?

I leaned down and stroked his hair and told him I was thankful that he brought in some wood for my fire, particularly since a little snow was predicted for today, and you never know how that might go (about 2 inches as I write).  I asked him for what he was thankful.  He said, “I’m thankful that you’re appreciative of me, and so supportive of me when I try to do things.”  I told him that it was important to notice what people do for you and appreciate them for it, and that I’m often appreciative “of him”.  He said, “I know. Thank you.”  Then I leaned down to kiss his forehead before leaving, and he grabbed my arm and said, “Don’t go!”

A sweet turnaround from being farted out of the bed the night before.

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Bedtime woes

School night.  First one back after the new year, so it was, naturally, painful.  There was a long, drawn-out bedtime routine during which I kept finding him doing things like examining the water in a vase holding a plant, looking for any ornaments we may have missed in the bare Christmas tree, and looking up how much a recliner would cost for his room on eBay.  Finally, finally, teeth brushed and school bag packed, he made it to bed.  Unfortunately, I made it there first, and discovered the beauty of his electric blanket, which I had never thought to covet previously, because I am always hot.  He walked in and saw me and groaned.

“Mom!  Get up!  It’s my bed!”

“It’s my childhood bed”, I responded.

“No it’s not.”

“Um, yes it is. It was my bed at Grandaddy’s house.”

“Oh. Still.  It’s mine now, and you need to get out of it.”


Of course, I knew this would not settle him down for bed, but the warm bed was tempting, and he’s been such a social butterfly lately, and tied to his xBox when at home, that I hardly feel like I’ve seen him, so I thought some play fighting was in order.  So I continued to lay in the bed while he pushed and pulled and tickled and farted and laughed and did what he could to get me to move.  During a break in the action, I asked him for what he was thankful.

“You getting out of my bed”, he replied.

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A new angle on the chalice lighting

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that B is sleeping in my room these days.  It started when his grandaddy, my daddy, was visiting and took his bed.  I have two twin beds in my room, because I traded my double for B’s twins a while back thinking I’d like to have a bed for sleeping and a bed to serve as a couch.  What happened, though, was I had a bed for sleeping and a bed upon which to pile things.  So, when Grandaddy was here, the bed got uncovered and used, and B and I felt like we were having a slumber party.  When Grandaddy left, the party just continued.

The beds are situated end to end on the same wall, so when you prop up on your pillows you look over your feet at the other person propped up on his/her pillows.  It’s been a new angle (literally!) on the chalice lighting, because we often used to sit side-by-side, facing out at the chalice, and now we face each other.

Tonight B was thankful for the book he is reading (Eldest, the second in the Eragon serires), for the mousepad he ordered from Ebay for $4 today, and he said he was “jelly” over my new Macbook Air.  Apparently “jelly” is the new “crazy”.  This then devolved into a discussion of the computer he wants for Christmas, and how it could be for both Christmas and his birthday, and, and, and…   Finally I said “Wait a minute.  I thought we were being thankful, not making wishlists.”  He giggled and said “Oh yeah. Sorry.”

I was thankful for a day tomorrow when I don’t have to drive an hour or more to work.  Today I drove 3 1/2 hours getting to and from work, and I will be glad to stay closer to home tomorrow.  B started making plans for me for the time I would save (I could go to the grocery and buy him X, Y, and Z, I could take him to the YMCA after school, I could…).  I told him to back off, buddy.  He smiled the easy smile of the deeply threatened, said “I love you momma”, and laid down to sleep.

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Last night at our evening thankfulness ritual, we lit a chalice in my bedroom instead of B’s because I was the first to crawl into bed. B came in wearing pajama bottoms with no shirt, lit the candle, and then stood at the foot of my bed while I arranged and rearranged the pillows and blankets around me as we talked. He volunteered that he was thankful for friends, which made sense, because he had been to a birthday party, a play date, and had had yet a third friend over, all in the same weekend. He asked for what I was thankful, and as I started to explain my gratitude for feeling respected in my job, I looked down to find him checking out his biceps as he did pushups against the footboard of my bed.

This, of course, made me laugh, which startled him into remembering I was there at all, much less listening to me talking about feeling respected.

Aaah. A reminder that all things are relative, and that maybe gratitude should be turned a bit more outward!

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Little things

After a lengthy, technology-induced hiatus, followed by a couldn’t-get-back-in-the-swing-of-it break, Mythankfulboy is going to try to bounce back.  During the time away, we have continued our nightly ritual of lighting a chalice and talking about things we find to be thankful for.  With the addition of B’s being able to text from his iPod, we have even sometimes done this ritual via text when we’ve been apart.  It is very centering for me, and I hope for him.

Tonight is not a particularly unique or special night, but that’s not really what it’s about.  Today, a summer Sunday, we slept late, went to dodgeball practice (B, that is — I just took him and waited), chilled over tea at a coffee shop, bought juggling paraphernalia, cleaned some house, and started watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (we’re re-watching the series this summer).  Tonight B was thankful for Harry Potter (if I had a dime for every time he’s said that over the years!) and for his “awesome bed”.  I said “You do have an awesome bed.  I know this because it used to be mine.”  He responded, “Yeah, you’re responsible for its awesomeness!”  I was thankful for a clean living room and folded clothes.

It’s the little things, sometimes.

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Royal treatment

Day three of the room change excitement involved a table saw, but we got B’s bed set up. Or rather, I got it set up while he showered after baseball practice. When he was clean he came into his room where I was still working and gasped in happy surprise, then jumped up and down in excitement. Next, he crawled under the covers and began sweetly asking for things to be brought to him. Like a snack. And something to drink. A book.

Uh, no. Cute, but no.

At the chalice lighting, from the new bed, he was thankful for, well, the new bed. I was thankful for a thankful boy.

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