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By the light of the TV

Mental note: Don’t do the chalice lighting with the TV on.

Last night, back at home after baseball practice, Mythankfulboy and I went our separate ways in the house.  I made dinner, ironed his clothes for the 8th-grade dance (“formal”), and packed up and generally prepped for the following day.   It is fairly unusual for the TV to be on these days; B is usually gaming or Youtubing if he’s doing media, and I tend to only turn it on if I want to watch a movie or rest, and there’s not much time for those.  Last night, though, I was sewing up a hole in a sweater of my mine and had turned on re-runs of King of Queens when he finished his before-bed routine and came to sit down to complete our evening ritual.  I sat on the couch with my feet up on a stool, TV to my right, and B sat across from me on an ottoman and faced the TV with me to his right.

Me:  So what are you thankful for tonight?

B:  I’m thankful for my new bat.  It’s pretty awesome.

Me:  I’m glad you like your new bat, and that you were able to get the one you wanted.

B:  Yeah.

[TV watching…]

B:  So what are you thankful for?

Me:  I’m thankful that I had a kid cancel tomorrow and another agree to come early so that I can get home to help you get ready for your formal.  What about you?

B:  [no answer]

Me:  And YOU?

B: [no answer]

Me: B!  [using full name]  I’ve asked you the same question twice now!

B:  What was it?

Me:  I asked what you were thankful for!

B:  You did?

Me:  Well, I said, “And you?”

B: Oh!  I thought you were just starting a new sentence and never finishing it.  Besides – I already told you what I was thankful for.

Me:  You did?  What was it?

B:  My baseball bat!

Me:  Oh yeah.  I remember that now.

He laughed, rose slowly and walked over, leaned down laboriously and laid his head on my shoulder as a hug, said goodnight, then sauntered off to bed.  The teenage big-body-moving-slowly.  The little-boy-big-heart trailing behind him.

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Odds and ends of a weekend apart

It was a quiet, working, weekend here at the house (well, around town – I don’t get anything done at the house) because Mythankfulboy was at a friend’s house Thursday night (no school Friday) and at his dad’s for the weekend.  This did not keep me from sending him audio clips via text asking him to spell various words, but it did mean that I didn’t get my usual dose of him.  In some ways, the nights away from your kid/s, as a divorced parent, are really good breaks.  Of course, not so much when they are texting and begging to come back to your house.  Still, we worked through that, and I missed him thoroughly by the time he got home.

Today, while his dad took him for a snowboard lesson (awesome, right?), I went to the office and met my business partner and one of our precious staff, and we did some sprucing up.  This was much-needed, and I think we’ll all be happier this week for having done it.  Afterward, I had a quick, quiet dinner out and read (one of my favorite combinations of things to do), and headed over to pick up the boy.  He had so many things to tell me, he couldn’t complete a sentence.  These things ranged from what his step-brother had done when he (B) had friends over (followed them around), to his disappointment that he won something in a video game only to find he already had one, to how much his rear end hurt from falling while learning to snowboard.  We got the car washed, and the boy a milkshake.  I played (and sang) my new favorite song for him, much to his pretend chagrin (The Decemberists’ Better Not Wake the Baby).  We turned into the driveway laughing.

Once home, of course we spelled (hard words: samovar, paprika, and catkin, although the last one was easy once he heard the correct spelling…), and then the chalice lighting.  It took a little while to tear him away from his iPod, but once we got the dog on the bed and settled, he gushed that he was thankful for his new baseball bat and some Lindt chocolate he got for his birthday.  These days he also always says he’s thankful for me.  I said I was thankful for getting some things done around the office, and for the lightness and laughter there today.  And of course, for his coming home after being gone a few days.  About then, the dog knocked the boy’s iPod out of the windowsill in which he’d left it for the night, and things moved into the dull aspects of getting it back in place, blowing out the candle, turning on the lava lamp, and saying goodnight.

Except for the “I love you” part.  That’s always the best part.

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Totally textual

We have entered a new stage in our parent-child communication, which is the world of texting.  B has a past-generation iPod touch, and he has some texting ability with it.  It is limited mainly because he can only text when he’s somewhere with Wifi, which does not include our house, but does include his dad’s.  This new development makes for a lovely new evening ritual when he’s at his dad’s, in which B texts me when he settles into bed. When he realized he could reach me this new way, I started getting nightly updates about little things from his day.  So sweet.

Today he and his dad combined money to buy B a new baseball bat.  A fancy one, apparently.  B took it to practice today and hit a ball to the fence, so he texted me all about it tonight.  I teased him that I thought I knew for what he was thankful, and he responded “Totally.”  I texted back “I’m thankful for texts. Xoxo.”

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Fiberglass my _ _ _!

Last night this momma was a hammer pounding a nail, ineffectively, need I say, into bed. Weeknight baseball practice drives everything to the edge in terms of bedtime, while revving the child up. When we finally got the light off and the chalice lit, he was thankful for fiberglass. I’m picturing the rough fiberglass of a blue 1970’s pool. So, I query. He says “Because it’s what makes my bat so strong”. Now I’m really confused. I was fairly confident his baseball bat wasn’t made of fiberglass, but who knows what fiberglass looks like these days?! (Turns out it is carbon fiber!) So, I did what Scarlett (O’Hara) would do, and changed the subject!

I changed the subject to that for which I was thankful. I was thankful that there are so many people in this world who look beyond the “group” they look the most like or believe the most like or identify the most with, in order to reach out to and care for people who might need it from another group. We talked about race, religion, sexual orientation, and even age. He tied up the discussion with a sleepy, satisfied, “Yeah, that’s pretty cool.”.

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