Minor setbacks

07 Jun

The first day of finals was not the happy beginning for which Mythankfulboy had hoped. He got in-class results on the first installment of his first final, a B+, but he had thought all of his preparation would yield an A, and he was discouraged.  Baseball practice was also disappointing because he ended up catching for practicing pitchers and didn’t get to hit or field.  He was still upset with his dad for making him late to practice and getting him in trouble at practice the day before, then arrived at his dad’s house after practice to find his younger stepbrother riding his (B’s) bike without asking (which involved changing the seat height and making other adjustments, an issue his dad considers to be just a typical brother thing, while B doesn’t see the boy as a brother).  He chose to spend the night there, so I can only hope that they worked out some of the sadness and frustration.

I am thankful that it is been a long time since I have had this helpless feeling in my gut around B dealing with his dad, and I’m glad that I don’t really think it is a particularly lasting issue. I’m thankful that he is concerned about his gradesu.  Still, it is a momma’s wish to never hear disappointment in her boy’s voice.  I probably should have done a text version of our chalice lighting, but I let him be.  May today be a better day. 

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